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In Memory of:

Lolo Forever.png

No matter how many years pass I will always miss you.

You may look at this and just see a dog, I see my heart. Unless you are an animal person or don’t have children you probably won’t understand all she meant to me and how I can still be hurting over her.

 I got Lolo during a really rough time in my life, I was very depressed, full of anxiety and lonely. I had the intention of adopting an older dog because I knew I didn’t have the patience to train a puppy. I was on a waiting list at a local humane society and they called me and told me they had a puppy that was 5 months old and not in very good shape. (She came from a puppy mill) She was scared and needed someone who would give her alot of time to warm up. I cringed.. It was still a puppy in my book. But the human society lady convinced me that I was perfect for this puppy and to just meet her.

So I did. AND it was love at first sight! Lolo went home with me and I was determined to get over my anxiety and fear of training a puppy. I bought a crate to help train her, but that lasted all of 2 mins. I put her in it and she freaked out and cried and I cried. And I cuddled her and told her she would never go back in a cage and she heard me because it was like she was instantly trained (seriously, she never had an accident or crewed up anything)


My goofball hiding under the couch!

Lolo was my little lovebug she showed me how to love the simple things in life. She was always happy and goofy. She loved car rides even if it was only to the mail box, or just sitting in the window and looking outside. Once she learned to trust people again she realized she loved everyone and thought she should go to every house on our walks to say hello.

Lolo was also independent though and loved exploring whatever was around her, as long as she wasn’t alone. She hated being alone. And I felt guilty when I did leave her even though she was always in good hands (she usually spent time with family who she loved) I think it was harder for me to leave her then the other way around. She got spoiled! And had a great boyfriend who loved to hide treats for her when he missed her.


She loved cuddling with anything soft. And her ears always had a way of doing whatever they wanted lol. 

Most people didn’t understand how hard it was for me to leave her. She’s just a dog they would tell me. I can’t have children and yes I know a dog isn’t the same as a child but animals are similar. They love, they can be stubborn, have various personalities, learn from the surroundings etc.

Sadly Lolo didn’t get to live a long healthy life. She only made it to 6 and became randomly ill. I will never know how or why but I am grateful I got to spend those 6 years with her and I gave everything I could to try to save her. But it didn’t work she was just to sick. It doesn’t get any easier as the years go by. But that’s what love is. 

Lolo I miss you so much. My heart still hurts that you didn’t get to live a long life. But I cherish all the memories we had, all the joy you brought me and the unconditional love you gave me. You will always be in my heart! 


Lolo and Scruffy (her boyfriend) he loved her more then anything and would save and hide his treats in blankets or the couch cushions hoping that would make her come back over sooner. He also has passed. Miss you too Scruffy! 

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set by Mys Homeware

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set by Mys Homeware – Adjustable Stainless Steel Pepper & Salt Mill / Shakers with Glass – Kitchen Premium Set includes Julienne Peeler,Silicone Funnel,Cleaning Brush & eBook by Mys Homeware


*You can also see these items in my video review click here!*

This set is really nice. We’ve been buying the cheap throw away grinder sets from the store and thought it was time to save money and plastic and get a reusable set.

I was suprised with how big these were when I opened the box! Each jar I would estimate would hold a good 7-8oz. You won’t have to fill these very often. The jar part is made of glass and has a wide rim making it easy to fill and clean either by hand or dishwasher. *Just the glass part though, instructions do state to never wash the ceramic grinder part* The top part is made with stainless steel and has a nice cover to keep out particles and to keep the excess dusts from flying around.

You can adjust the nob in the middle for fine/coarse. That part I did find a bit trickier to find a good setting as it just keeps spinning and doesn’t really lock into place. But it does work very well at grinding as I put in very coarse salt and peppercorns and put it on fine and it made it very fine so I love how it works.

It also comes with a few other items which is an added bonus. I loved the mini silicone funnel, you really don’t need it to fill the jars since they are so wide but it is great for other things, and it collapses flat for easy storage.

The julienne peeler is also a nice bonus, it has 2 peeler blades, be careful they are very sharp! And they also include a cleaning brush making it easy to clean out the little left behind pieces that get stuff in the grater or you could use it on other kitchen gadgets too.

This is a great set built to last, and the company stands behind it they offer a 100% money back guarantee. And we know I love companies who believe in their product! If you want to learn more or purchase your own set you can find it here.

I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

salt and pepper.jpg

Beanie Hat from CacheAlaska

Beanie Knit Hat – Premium Wool Blend – designed by CacheAlaska®


Hats WHAT?? You all probably think I’m nuts talking about hats in August! But I live in Wisconsin and well… lets face it, we have winter weather almost year round, and then you have me who is worse then a 90 year old lady who is cold in 100 degree weather! So its never to early to think warm clothes 🙂

This is your typical looking beanie hat. I got the light blue, very pretty in color. Almost like a sky blue. They do offer a variety of colors. And a Medium (skull, tighter fit) and One Size (a looser regular fit) which is the one I got. It fit very well. I took a picture of it on with my hair up in a bun and it fit loosely over that.

The hat itself is knit blended. It has a good stretch but doesn’t leave gaps when stretched on your head like some knitted hats. This is very tiny knitted. It is a 50/50 wool and acrylic blend. Don’t let that scare you though, it is super soft and not scratchy at all. I would of never even guessed that there is wool in this hat!

Blue Hat.jpg

What makes this hat different is if you turn it inside out you will see a soft extra fleece lining around the bottom, I love this part! This extra part keeps your ears really warm and cozy! I’m sure it will be great at keeping wind out too. Like most hats there is also a cute little brown logo on the side of the hat too. The hat itself is great, comfy and no issues.

Now the parts I didn’t like or that I found confusing. This company is a Family owned business centered in Alaska, the listing on Amazon makes it seem like this hat is made in Alaska, this is false. It is DESIGNED in Alaska. It is made in China according to the tag. The description on Amazon also claims it is Machine wash/dry. The tag says Do not tumble dry. Also the extra lining is fleece, even says so in the description, but fleece is not listed as a material on the hat. To me these are pretty important things, now they might not be important to other people but I do feel that to give an honest review these are all things that need to be mentioned.


Overall this hat is a great value for the money, and the pros did outweigh the cons. If you want to check out more info or get a hat before the cold you can find them on amazon here. Or their website

I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased review.



Pink Shoulder Tote Bag from Vera

Vera Tote Shoulder Bag from Vera


If you don’t know me, let me tell you a secret. Ok its not much of a secret since I pretty much tell everyone and anyone. I LOVE pink! And I LOVE Elephants almost as much as I love pink. And if you give me the 2 together I about die with excitement!

I knew I HAD to have this bag. And it doesn’t disappoint! The pattern is beautiful and bold the pink is more of a magenta and is lovely. My pictures don’t do justice, this bag is so much prettier in person. And I love the rope handles, they are a soft yarn feel, this not stiff and straw feeling like some cheap bags. And they are nice and big/long too.

ele tote.jpg

I’m unsure of the fabric of the bag itself but it is a bit textured, thin but still durable and flexible. The inside has a thin lining with a nice little coin pocket. I do wish the liner was a bit thicker as it seems rather thin as you can see right through it. I love the fact that this bag zips close! Most bags have a snap which I am not a fan of. I love zippers!

Besides the pattern, my favorite part is how huge this bag is. You can fit a ton in this. My bag measures approx 21″x 14″ This is great for a day at the beach, or even a weekend trip. You can easily fit a few pairs of clothes in it. There are also a ton of other color/design options available go check them all out here. This is a great value and I will be using mine alot!

I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.

10 Piece Makeup Brush Set from Beauty Lally

Beauty Lally 10 Pieces Makeup Brush Set with Black Case and Mirror from Beauty Lally


This is a wonderful set for beginners or advanced make up lovers. It has every brush you could want or need!

If you are new to make up brushes you will love this set! It has 10 different brushes, each one has a name on the handle with the type of brush it is. No guessing games on what the brushes are for! It has a “cheat sheet” that explains what each brush is used for (watch my youtube video to learn about the brushes!) It has brushes for foundation, blush, eyebrows, eyeshadows, lips and more!

They are made out of synthetic hair, very durable and super soft! I do recommend wiping your brushes with a tissues after every use to keep them soft, and rinsing with water atleast weekly that is how I keep mine in good shape.

beauty lally.jpg

The set comes in a nice PU Leather case to keep your brushes covered and free from dust. I love this case! It is great for traveling, it has extra space so you can even add a few liners/mascara. It has 2 snaps on the sides to hold it closed so you don’t have to worry about it opening up in your luggage!

I also really like that it comes with a bonus acrylic (not plastic made) compact mirror. One side of the mirror is regular and the other side is a close up (magnified) mirror. This is another great company that offers a 30 day money back and a 3 year guarantee! You can find out more or purchase your own set here. I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

12 Roll Striped/Dot Washi by United Tapes

Decorative Craft Washi Masking Tape (Set of 12 Rolls) – Wide Rainbow Japanese Paper Tape – Geometric Striped and Dotted Patterns – Perfect for Walls ScrapBooking Crafting Journal Planner Calendar by United Tapes


This 12 roll set is fantastic and I am not just saying that because I love washi tape. This set features a rainbow of bright colors and designs and  no boring solids even!

Each roll came individually wrapped, great for keeping dust and dirt away til your ready to use, or if you want to share and gift a few rolls. These are standard size rolls like you find in a craft store. Approx 10 meters of tape (over 33 ft!) on each roll on a cardboard roll. so these will last you awhile.

The tape itself is a masking tape, not typical paper washi tape. This means that it is easily removable and re-positions well. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and won’t ruin them when removed!  Its still sticky but I don’t find it as sticky as the paper kind. Which is great if you want to remove. It tears easily which I really like so I’m not constantly looking for scissors.


This set has such a great variety of colors and designs. And I love that there are no solids. The colors are really bright and vibrate! My favorite is the Ombre Orange/Blue! I have alot of washi tape but this is my first roll with an ombre look. The yellow is hard to see but it has little flowers and bows on it! The details of each roll are beautiful and I have loved using them. And this company is another awesome company that offers 100% guarantee! (We know I love companies like that, but I know you won’t need that since these tapes are awesome!) If you would like to learn more of purchase your own set click here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.  #WashiTape

Geometric Washi Tape by DIY Crew

Colorful Washi Masking Tape (Set of 10 Rolls) – Wide Japanese Decorative Paper Tape with Geometric Pattern Designs, Cute Colored Collection From DIY Crew


  • COLORS: Lovely, vibrant and bright colors. In this set of 10 tapes you will find: Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Black, White, Green, Purple and Grey tapes.
  • DIMENSIONS: 15mm wide x 10 meters long . The masking washi tapes are great for: decorating, scrapbooking, making custom gift boxes and more. Kids LOVE them
  • STICKY: Our washi tape sticks to any clean surface. The tapes will NOT damage your walls, you can remove them and stick them without any residue
  • PACKAGE: You will receive a clear and cute plastic box with 10 high quality tapes. Don’t waste your money on murky and uneven tapes from other sellers
  • QUALITY: We have high quality control standards, all the tapes are evenly sized and great quality. You’re protected by a satisfaction warranty from DIY Crew and Amazon


 DIY Crew.jpg
This is a great set if you are looking for a wide variety of patterns/colors as it really does have a rainbow of variety and I love how bright each roll is! Most of them are Geometric patterned (arrows, circles, stars, dots, zig zags, lines) and then you have a plain green. which matches nicely with the grey dot pattern and the red/green striped pattern. The yellow star roll the stars are actually clear so you will get the color of whatever you use the tape on.
The rolls are great sized (about the same as the stores) they come on a cardboard base and you get 10 meters of tape (about 33 ft) which is average for washi tape. These are actually more of a masking tape and not as much of a paper tape but they still tear very easily by hand if you don’t have scissors near.
I did find that these are a little less sticky then other brands I have used and also less sticky then regular washi tape that is more paper like. Which is why the masking tape ones are much better for walls, or projects that you would like to remove the tape. All my projects are paper based so I do not know how well they remove from other surfaces.
The rolls come individually wrapped which I love to prevent dirt and dust from sticking, and its nice if you want to keep a few rolls and share a few. And they all come in a cute see-thru box. You can find out more or purchase your own here. I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Flower Lace Scarf by Tan’s

Women Lightweight Flower Lace Silk Scarf Knit Oblong Cotton Fringe Scarf for Women by Tan’s


This scarf is beautiful. I went with the green which is actually more of a pastel lime. Its much brighter then the stock picture and is great for spring and summer! It is a 30% Silk 70% Polyester blend. The scarf is light weight and is semi sheer. The fabric is really soft. I love all the details, there are roses and swirls made of extra fabric that is kind of fraying that gives it character. And the edges are full of detail with a crocheted like pattern with dangling dots.

The scarf itself is a triangle, its very long (mine is approx 68 in) so it wraps around your neck or you could even tie it and tuck it under for a more secured approach. The triangle part in the middle measures approx 14-16 inch long depending on how loose or tight you wrap. I also think it would look lovely worn almost as a shawl. I really didn’t find anything I didn’t like about this scarf. The price and value are great for making you feel like you are wearing something elegant! If you would like to learn more or see all the color options you can click here.  I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.   


Kitchen Timer by Koalago

Kitchen Timer, Koalago Digital Loud Kitchen Timer with Large Screen Magnet for Cooking Baking by Koalago


I am one of those people that has always thought that kitchen timers are all the same. So I always went to a dollar store to get one because I couldn’t see spending more then a buck on sometime so basic. But after trying this timer I was so wrong and I am in love with my new time and here is why.

Yes at first I thought this was going to be just a regular timer (ok maybe a bit cuter, I mean it does have smiley faces on it!) The first thing I noticed when I opened it was that it has a large screen. You can read it across the room! It is approx 2 1/2 in x 1 1/4 in. This is almost twice the size as my old timer.

I also love the fact that it uses a regular battery. 1 AAA (not included) this means I don’t have to keep buying new timers, because lets face it, most timers have those tiny circle batteries that are more expensive to replace then the whole timer so its easier just to go buy a new one. This one saves me that hassle because I always have AAA’s laying around.


It has a magnet on the back to keep on the fridge or stove and also has a little kick stand. The buttons are on the top, they are the fun little smiley guys and are super easy to press. Not only does this have a count down timer it also has a clock that you can have in regular format (am/pm) or military time.

Only con I had is that it is advertised as a Loud Timer. I personally wouldn’t say it is louder then any other timer I have used, it is a normal beeping sound. Otherwise I found it easy to use and love all the features it has. If you would like to learn more or purchase your own you can find it here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.