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Flower Lace Scarf by Tan’s

Women Lightweight Flower Lace Silk Scarf Knit Oblong Cotton Fringe Scarf for Women by Tan’s


This scarf is beautiful. I went with the green which is actually more of a pastel lime. Its much brighter then the stock picture and is great for spring and summer! It is a 30% Silk 70% Polyester blend. The scarf is light weight and is semi sheer. The fabric is really soft. I love all the details, there are roses and swirls made of extra fabric that is kind of fraying that gives it character. And the edges are full of detail with a crocheted like pattern with dangling dots.

The scarf itself is a triangle, its very long (mine is approx 68 in) so it wraps around your neck or you could even tie it and tuck it under for a more secured approach. The triangle part in the middle measures approx 14-16 inch long depending on how loose or tight you wrap. I also think it would look lovely worn almost as a shawl. I really didn’t find anything I didn’t like about this scarf. The price and value are great for making you feel like you are wearing something elegant! If you would like to learn more or see all the color options you can click here.  I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.   



Kitchen Timer by Koalago

Kitchen Timer, Koalago Digital Loud Kitchen Timer with Large Screen Magnet for Cooking Baking by Koalago


I am one of those people that has always thought that kitchen timers are all the same. So I always went to a dollar store to get one because I couldn’t see spending more then a buck on sometime so basic. But after trying this timer I was so wrong and I am in love with my new time and here is why.

Yes at first I thought this was going to be just a regular timer (ok maybe a bit cuter, I mean it does have smiley faces on it!) The first thing I noticed when I opened it was that it has a large screen. You can read it across the room! It is approx 2 1/2 in x 1 1/4 in. This is almost twice the size as my old timer.

I also love the fact that it uses a regular battery. 1 AAA (not included) this means I don’t have to keep buying new timers, because lets face it, most timers have those tiny circle batteries that are more expensive to replace then the whole timer so its easier just to go buy a new one. This one saves me that hassle because I always have AAA’s laying around.


It has a magnet on the back to keep on the fridge or stove and also has a little kick stand. The buttons are on the top, they are the fun little smiley guys and are super easy to press. Not only does this have a count down timer it also has a clock that you can have in regular format (am/pm) or military time.

Only con I had is that it is advertised as a Loud Timer. I personally wouldn’t say it is louder then any other timer I have used, it is a normal beeping sound. Otherwise I found it easy to use and love all the features it has. If you would like to learn more or purchase your own you can find it here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

Silicone Paw & Bone Molds by Le Dogue

2-Pack Food Grade Silicone Dog Paw and Bone Molds With Recipe Booklet by Le Dogue



  • “Le Dogue” Recipe Booklet included! Contains treat recipes and dog health tips!
  • Perfect for two and four legged treats! Including pupcakes, dog biscuits, Jello-O, candies, chocolate and more!
  • Non-BPA Food Grade Silicone. Can be used in temps from -40 to 450 Fahrenheit.
  • Non-Stick, easy to clean and dishwasher safe! Bakes 15 large bones and 14 paws.
  • This kit includes everything you need to start making homemade dog snacks today!



My fur babies (Piglet and Buddy) hard at work watching the timer while biscuits bake!

I don’t know about you, but my pets are much more then just animals they are family. In my case they are my babies and are rather spoiled. I have a large dog who thinks he is a small lap dog, and a small guinea pig who thinks she is a large dog. And they both LOVE treats! But with all the fillers they put in stuff now a days its so hard to buy treats that you know are truly good for them. So I was super excited to be able to make my own, and of course they didn’t mind reviewing these molds either! 🙂

The silicone molds are adorable! Red has 14 paws, each paw is about 2 in. x 2 1/2 in. and the mold is approx 3/4 in. deep. Blue has 15 bones each bone is almost 3 in. long, widest part is approx 1 1/2 in. and mold is 3/4 in. deep. It also comes with a 9 page booklet with a few recipes, tips, ingredient info and storage info.

I tried out the blue bone molds and the build a bone recipe which is a basic starter recipe that you can combine a mixture of any wet/dry ingredients from a list. I made banana, peanut butter, blueberry bones because my pets happen to love those ingredients and that is what I had on hand. (I also added flour and water per recipe)

Dog Treats

The recipes are simple which I like, and have a lot of options. I did think the directions could of been a bit more clear though. For example, it said to fill the molds, it never said how much dough to put in the molds so I jam packed the molds full the first time and forgot how thick it was. So they turned out a bit raw in the middle since I used the shorter cook time. (They do give an option for a longer cook time for a dryer crunchier treat, I would use this option if you are going to make thick treats) Otherwise I would not fill the molds completely full. Just like regular baking it does take a bit of trial and error.

The molds themselves are great! They are nonstick, I left the bones to cool and then flipped the mold over and popped them out with no issues! They are super easy to wash, and are dishwasher safe. My fur babies loved the treats and can’t wait for me to make more! You could also use these for other things, pupsicles are next on my list! If you would like to learn more, or purchase your own set you can find it here.  I recieved this at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. 




Happy Father’s Day

I owe so much more then just a day to my Father. He gave up his life to raise me. He worked hard to make sure I had a good life, he worked nights so he could attend all my school events as a child, often times missing sleep. He always put me first and him second.

It wasn’t always easy for him, he knew nothing about raising a girl, and I look back and realize I made it pretty hard on him alot of the time. But we survived! Even if we did eat to much frozen pizza or I overfilled the washing machine to many times. I at least have memories.

I want everyone to know how lucky and grateful I am. And that I love him more then words can express! I also ask for prayers for my Dad because he is hurting and suffering (emotionally and physically) right now over major family/life decisions. Its so hard to see someone you care about suffer. Its even harder when you know how hard they have worked and how much they don’t deserve the bad they are going through.


Love you Daddy!


ComfyCloud Swivel Seat 360

ComfyCloud Swivel Seat – 360 Seat Cushion Pivots to Allow You to Easily Get in & Out of Seated Positions – Swivel Chair Cushion Is Portable & Lightweight from ComfyCloud


The ComfyCloud was something that interested me because I have really bad Arthritis and back pain, which is a big issue seeing that I am only in my 30’s. So sitting in a spot for awhile and then trying to twisting sideways to get out of an office chair or the car is very painful anything that helps even a little is a huge deal and the Comfycloud seat is great.

The seat itself is made out of foam top of a plastic base that spins 360 degrees. This means you can use it in any direction. On the bottom of the base is a grip pad, this is wonderful because you can use it on all chair types and not worry about it moving around. The top is actually a gray cover that is really soft and plush. The cover has an elastic type band around it holding it around the foam edges. The cover itself can be removed and washed. I took the cover on and off with ease although I didn’t wash it yet.


The ComfyCloud is very lightweight. I measured it across at about 15 inches. And the foam is about an inch thick. I found it to be very comfortable to sit on and swivel with. Even after sitting for a long period of time the foam did not sag. I also had my husband try this and he was able to use it so it does work great for different body sizes. I love this seat and will be continuing to use mine. If you would like to learn more or purchase your own, you can find it here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.