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100% Natural Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover 100% Natural – USDA Bio-certified Non-Toxic, Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover, Effective UV Gel Nail Polish Remover Won’t Dry Nails, Moisturizes Cuticles Strengthens Weak Nails 4oz from Pure Body Naturals

About the Product:
  • Effective and Natural Nail Polish Remover: Whether you want to sport bare nails or apply a new paint color, removing your old polish can be a hassle. From harsh smells to ineffective results, most polish removers fail to get the job done. Our all-natural nail polish remover keeps things safe and simple! It stays on your nails, won’t evaporate into the air, and can easily be washed off with water.The best part? It’s strong enough to remove stubborn UV gel!
  • Strengthen Cracked and Brittle Nails: If you’re on the hunt for a two-in-one brittle nail treatment, then look no further! Expertly crafted, our nail polish remover not only takes care of your old polish, but it also encourages strong, healthy-looking nails. All you have to do is dab a bit on product on each nail, allow it to sit for 2-5 minutes, and gently rub the polish until you have clean, clear, and beautiful nails! Because it’s hydrating, you won’t risk drying your cuticles.
  • Non-Toxic and Chemical Free Nail Polish Remover
  • Your Total Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Nail Polish Remover

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I go through alot of nail polish remover since I always have my fingers and toes done (mostly Jamberry wraps, sometimes polish) but I have really bad health issues that cause me to be super sensitive to smells so traditional nail polish remover is my enemy! So I’m always looking for alternatives.

My Review: The Remover comes in a 4oz glass bottle, it comes with a regular cap on it, and also comes with a dropper style cap. It came nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box. So first I did was of course smell it, it doesn’t have a strong smell like regular removers, it has a light smell odd smell, but its not horrible. It’s MUCH better then regular polish removers!

This is suppose to be 100% natural. Ingredients: Methyl Oleate/ Palmitate/ Linoleate/ Stearate, and other “proprietary” botanical mixtures. So I had no idea what any of these were so after doing some research I was still pretty confused and felt you needed to study science to understand what these items are. So I can’t say if this product is indeed 100% natural or safe which to me is kind of a disappointment. I got this product for the non-acetone smell factor, but if you are wanting it for the 100% natural part, I suggest doing a bit of research first.

As far as how it works, You are suppose to dab a small amount on each nail and let it sit for 2-5 mins to let it soften the polish and then wipe away. This part is important. It does work well if you have the patience to wait. I even used it to take my nail wraps off which has a sticky residue and it worked great for that too. But if you aren’t patient and want something that is quick, this isn’t it. I also felt like you needed quiet a bit of it and needed to scrub pretty hard with a cotton ball to get the polish off. I also felt like this was pretty oily and a bit messier then traditional removers. So make sure you have access to some soap and water afterwards!  If you would like to purchase your own bottle to try, you can find it here! I received this product for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. 



Pulse Oximeter by Acc U Rate

CMS 500DL Generation 2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with silicon cover, batteries and lanyard by Acc U Rate 


  • NEWLY UPGRADED – Newly launched in Jan 2015 with major improvements made to the previous pulse oximeter model. *CE and FDA Approved*
  • ACCURATE AND RELIABLE – Accurately determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate in 10 seconds and display it conveniently on a large digital LED display.
  • SPORT/HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS – Suitable for sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers or anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES – Accommodates wide range of finger sizes – children to adult.
  • LOADED WITH ACCESSORIES – Include 2X AAA BATTERIES that will allow you to use the pulse oximeter right out of the box, a SILICON COVER to protect your pulse oximeter from dirt and damage and a LANYARD for convenience. Comes with a 12 months WARRANTY. Due to the influx of fake Acc U Rate® products, please note that the warranty is void if the item is not purchased from Med Shop and Beyond


My Review: As someone who has multiple health issues. Keeping track of my vitals is essential. This Oximeter makes it easy to keep to take my pulse and blood oxygen levels! As far as usage goes, its as easy as pressing the on button and inserting a finger, and waiting about 15-20 seconds. The numbers show up in red, bright and large making it easy to read. It has an auto shut off which is convenient too!

The meter itself came in a box all cushioned for protection. I love how small and light weight it is. It is black and comes with a nice clear/off white silicone case to protect it and keep it clean. It also comes with a lanyard that has a buckle at the bottom so you can easily detach it without taking the lanyard off your neck. It uses 2 AAA batteries (which are included) and I like that it uses regular batteries. It also comes with a small booklet with some helpful info.

One thing I wish it would of came with was a chart that talked about healthy pulse and blood oxygen levels. This would make a great gift for elderly family/friends and not everyone has internet to look up that info. I realize that “healthy” numbers do vary based on age,weight, medical condition etc.

As for what I found in a few articles I found. I tend to have pretty healthy #’s as over 95% for blood oxygen level is good. And pulse for adults range from 60-100. If you would like to purchase your own pulse oximeter you can click here. I received this product for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. 


Coconut Milk Body Scrub

Coconut Milk Body Scrub 100% Natural 12 oz. Powerful Body Scrub Exfoliator Helps Prevent Appearance of Wrinkles with Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Almond Oil, Vitamin E. Daily Moisturizer For All Skin Types from Pure Body Naturals 

  • Best Body Scrub for Soft Skin: Loaded with Dead Sea Salt, our body scrubber helps buff away dead skin cells, leaving you with bright, smooth skin!
  • Anti-Aging Body Exfoliator: Anti-aging ingredients like Coconut Milk and fatty acid-rich Safflower Oil aid in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and those notorious age spots.
  • Protect Against UV Damage: Protective properties in Coconut Milk and Vitamin E allow them to form a defensive layer against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV radiation. This will help keep you looking youthful and healthy!
  • Crafted from Natural Ingredients: Luscious Coconut Milk? Check. Six essential oils? Check. Salt from the Dead Sea? Check. We’ve got it all covered! By bringing together some of skin’s favorite ingredients, we’ve created a high quality moisturizer that spreads easily, absorbs fast, and smells incredible.
  • Love It or Your Money Back: You can go ahead and try our rich scrub risk-free with our satisfaction guarantee. If the result weren’t quite what you were looking for, just let our customer service team know and we’ll be happy to refund your order. What do you have to lose? 

My Review: I suffer from horrible dry skin, and I really love trying products that are suppose to help with that. I also have sensitive skin so I am very careful about what I put on my skin. I absolutely LOVE that this Scrub is 100% natural. Alot of them claim to be, but you can actually see it be reading the label. They are ingredients you can pronounce!  Coconut Milk is the #1 ingredient. Also love that it is USA made and not tested on animals!

Now about the actual scrub, it is 12 oz. comes in a nice plastic tub, it smells fantastic! I pretty much love all things coconut though! It doesn’t have a strong smell at all, which is saying alot from me since I’m sensitive to smells. The scrub itself is the texture of sand its lightweight, not like a paste like some scrubs. You do not need much though. It went on soft and smooth and I loved how it felt creamy on my skin! It is kind of an oily scrub, but it didn’t leave an oily residue after my shower. I’ve used this a few times and it really feels like my skin is softer. This is great for prepping dry feet for flip flop season! You can purchase your own scrub here. I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. 


Roku Streaming Stick

Roku 3500R Streaming Stick (HDMI) by Roku 

  • Compact stick design. Plugs discreetly right into the HDMI port. Great for wall-mounted TVs.
  • 2,000+ entertainment channels and counting. By far the most movies, sports, news, music and kids’ shows of any streaming player.
  • Control with remote or mobile. You can choose to control your entertainment via your iOS or Android device. Or use the included remote that everybody can share. It’s your choice.
  • Send to TV from mobile. Use mobile apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, to cast videos from your phone straight to your TV.
  • Stunning HD video quality. Immerse yourself in the action with rich, vibrant video streaming up to 1080p* HD. Please feel free to refer customers to Roku CS by any method indicated here: Troubleshooting steps:


My Review: The Roku Streaming Stick is a small (fits in the hand) size streaming stick. It includes everything pictured above. It was rather easy to install, took about 20 minutes, just plug in and it walks you through how to install and update it. The batteries that came with it didn’t last but 30 minutes but that isn’t a huge deal. The remote is fairly small, simple to use, doesn’t need to be pointed at the tv to use as its used with a wifi signal. You also can use the app on your phone as a remote which can save on draining batteries.

As far as the Roku itself, we love it in our house. We have a fairly simple internet plan (and it works great, no buffering or losing connections) There are thousands of channels you can download. Yes some are paid and some are free, it does give you the option of putting a password on your account so little fingers don’t accidentally subscribe to anything. Otherwise there are tons of free channels. We have about 22 free channels on ours from movies, tv and music. You can also get popular paid channels like Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu Plus. We have some of those but we also love all the free movies offered. Lots of kids movies, older movies, weather info, news, sports etc. This is a huge upgrade from having just an antenna and getting 10 basic channels (and who can actually afford cable anymore?) This is a cheap alternative!

You can get your own Roku Streaming stick here. This review is my own, I did not receive anything for writing this.

Makeup Cosmetic Drawer Organizer

Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Drawer Organizer and Jewelry Box Display Case Storage Container and Lipstick Holder for Teen Girls Black 2 Piece Set Vanity Tray
by Ali Finsterle

  • Stylish and new innovations: Unique for its color. New elegant, black, smoky color, new look acrylic makeup cosmetic and jewelry organizer. Glass like appearance
  • Small and practical: All your makeup, lipsticks, mascaras and jewelry in one place, always neat and tidy. Nice gift for your daughter, teen girls, who are just beginning to use makeup
  • Made of high quality acrylic: Durable, hard and robust acrylic material, anticorrosive
  • Easy to clean: Clean up easily with warm water or microfiber fabric
  • Product dimensions: 7.4 x 4 x 6.1 inches , 1 top, 2 drawers, 9 compartments. Drawers are easy to manipulate

Make Up Case

My Review: See my Video Review here! I was really excited to get this, even though it is marketed towards teens because of its size it is great for anyone who has a smaller make up collection. It comes in 2 parts. The bottom part with drawers is one part (the drawers do come out for cleaning. And the top organizer part lays on top but has a nice lip edge so it doesn’t slide off. It is made out of Acrylic Material and is a semi clear black color. The only thing I didn’t care for about the case was it seemed like dust stuck to it making it look kinda dirty.

As far as the actual organizer goes, I LOVE IT! It is small but has so many great features! Yes this is great for a teen who is just starting to wear make-up and has limited space, but this is also great for an adult who has a small make up collection. This was great for me as I have a small bathroom and even though I love make-up I’m faithful to only a few great products. There are 2 drawers and my eyeshadows fit perfectly! On the top there are 6 smaller slots, 2 medium ones and a larger area. Great for lipsticks, eyeliners, pencils or really anything you want! The slots are deep enough that the items don’t fall out. You can buy your own organizer here! I recieved this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Bamboo Baby Washclothes

SiMignon Bamboo Baby Washclothes, Extra-Soft 6pk Green and White Best Gift Set for Baby Shower and Newborns from SiMignon

These come packaged beautifully, all rolled up with a cute bow on each. And then packed together in clear wrap. Perfect for gift giving!

Now I don’t have a baby, but these bamboo washcloths are great for more then just little ones! I got these for myself (I’m in my 30’s) and I have severely dry and sensitive skin on my face and find baby wash clothes to be so much gentler on my skin.

These particular ones are really soft and light feeling which was my favorite part. They come in neutral colors (green/white) although I would love to see more color options. These are nicely sized too! I measured approx 11in, and even though they hold water great they don’t get heavy when wet! You can purchase your own set hereI recieved this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Handheld Portable Fabric Steamer

Gideon Handheld Portable Fabric Steamer Powerful Steamer with Fast Heat-Up by Gideon

  • EASY TO USE & HEATS UP FAST – Extremely easy to use and hassle free solution to getting your clothing, bedding, drapery, etc. to have that crisp and polished look. Heats up in less than 60 seconds, and guaranteed to be 100% Spit-free & Drip-free. Get your fabrics wrinkle free with that crisp polished look. Removes tough wrinkles while being gentle on the fabric. May be used on a large variety of fabrics; like wool, cotton, silk, satin, poly and more.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Dimensions: 8 Inches x 3 inches x 4 inches / 6-foot power cord for safe and convenient movement; easily reach front and back of garment / Easy-to-fill water tank; and convenient easy-to-view water level window / Heats-up and steam-ready in less than 60 seconds / 100% Spit-free & Drip-free / 5 Oz. Water capacity delivering eight minutes of ultra-powerful continuous steam.


My Review: You can also see my video review by clicking here! I really enjoyed how small and lightweight this is, now I don’t exactly have alot of experience with irons, but I do know they are rather heavy and have way to many settings but this is so easy to use! I’m pretty sure even a teenager could use it. The only setting it has is an on/off switch.

It came with a nice 4 page manual and tips booklet in english. I do recommend you read it first otherwise you won’t know that you are suppose to use distilled water since its listed as a tip on the second page. The top twists off easily with a clear open/close line to fill the water, also another clear max fill water line. It heats up in less then a minute, making it ready to go in a hurry. And I really like the long cord too.

You will know when its ready when it steams, or see the bubbling, start steaming from bottom to top. Using a side to side motion. It works great, nothing more to say! I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Best Meal Prep Containers

Best Meal Prep Containers Set- Bento Lunch Boxes/Restaurant Food Storage- Portion Control- 7pk 36 oz. by Home Native 

  • REDUCE MEAL PREP TIME AND SAVE MONEY – These plastic food containers with lids are ideal for daily meal prep. Each 36oz container has 3 separate compartments (18oz, 9oz, 9oz) to help you keep a variety of foods apart. Whatever your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, add muscle or simply save money, these trays offer the perfect solution!
  • Can withstand temperatures of 250°C. These premium BPA free plastic food containers are microwave safe, allowing for convenient reheating of meals in seconds. Also freezer safe, allowing you to prepare a weeks worth of meals ahead of time and store for freshness.
  • FULL HOMENATIVE WARRANTY -For any issues, contact us directly for a free replacement or refund. Enjoy this Product Absolutely RISK FREE. Purchase This Set Today by Clicking the Yellow “ADD TO CART BUTTON” Above. They are easy to use and easy clean being top shelf dishwasher safe. But we recommend a gentle hand wash to maximise the longevity of these food containers.


My Review: These came packed in a clear wrapper all nicely stacked together, which means they take up less space which is super nice! I love how light weight these are. The lid is clear, making it easy to see what is inside. It is easy to attach, each side snaps onto the base 3 times which gives it a nice seal. It was a bit harder to take the lid off though, but that just means that it locks on tightly. I like how the compartments are fairly deep, keeps each area separate from each other. These would be great for picnic lunches, road trips or left overs from holiday dinners. These hold up well in the microwave. You can also freeze them and they are dishwasher safe. For me the only thing I didn’t like was that it came 7 to a pack, I just find that to be an odd number to include, obviously that isn’t a huge deal, I just think it would make more sense to have an even number of things. I still gave this a 5 star review as I did enjoy using this product. You can purchase your own set here. I recieved this for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Compact Key Holder

Compact Key Holder/Pocket Organizer (Extended) Red by Powerkey

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION – Made from an aluminum alloy and extra strong screws, the PowerKey Compact Key Holder will stand up to the toughest beating
  • MAXMIM CAPACITY – This kit comes with spacers and extenders so you can hold up to 22 keys in your PowerKey Key Holder.
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN – The design will fit almost any key that you would have and includes a tab for attaching larger car keys and fobs
  • EVERY DAY CARRY – Our Key Holder is an integral part of your EDC kit. Slim your keychain’s profile and reduce pocket buldge
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – These Key Holders are backed by a manufacturer’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your order, PowerKey will refund or replace your order

My Review: I love that you can put this in your pocket and not worry about the bulk of a normal keychain. The packaging was simple it comes in a little bag. It did come with basic instructions. You do need a flat head screwdriver or something similar to take the end pieces off. It comes with 2 different extenders. I used the smaller extender and put a few keys on it and found it was easy to put together and take apart. But I love that this could hold a bunch of keys. I did try putting a car key on it and although it worked I think this would work better for smaller keys the larger keys stick out a bit. It is solid and small about the size of a small pocket knife and it is sturdy, it does come with a little piece that you can add that has a tiny loop in case you want to hook it to a key fob/chain or something else so you don’t lose it. I love the bright red color, makes it easy to find it in my purse. You can purchase this produce here. I recieved this product for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser

This is the KABOOCHY Pug in a Mug Silicone Loose Leaf Tea Infuser, isn’t it adorable?! I was super excited about the chance to try this out, because I LOVE tea and of course because I love dogs and cute things haha! This came in just a simple clear plastic packaging. It is made of a soft silicone that comes apart in two pieces as shown and once you add the tea it just pops back together. It was really easy to pull apart and to put back together.


I really love how Mr Pug sits on the side of your cup, so you don’t have to to fish around for anything in your tea. I let mine sit for 5 mins which was the amount my tea amount said and it turned out perfect! No tea came through into the cup because the holes are small. It was also easy to dump out into the trash and wash out after use. SAM_0436

I think this Mug is adorable and works great! Only Con, it only comes in Beige 🙂 I’d love to see it in other colors! I’d still give it 5 stars. You can order yours here. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.