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Salt and Pepper Grinder Set by Mys Homeware

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set by Mys Homeware – Adjustable Stainless Steel Pepper & Salt Mill / Shakers with Glass – Kitchen Premium Set includes Julienne Peeler,Silicone Funnel,Cleaning Brush & eBook by Mys Homeware


*You can also see these items in my video review click here!*

This set is really nice. We’ve been buying the cheap throw away grinder sets from the store and thought it was time to save money and plastic and get a reusable set.

I was suprised with how big these were when I opened the box! Each jar I would estimate would hold a good 7-8oz. You won’t have to fill these very often. The jar part is made of glass and has a wide rim making it easy to fill and clean either by hand or dishwasher. *Just the glass part though, instructions do state to never wash the ceramic grinder part* The top part is made with stainless steel and has a nice cover to keep out particles and to keep the excess dusts from flying around.

You can adjust the nob in the middle for fine/coarse. That part I did find a bit trickier to find a good setting as it just keeps spinning and doesn’t really lock into place. But it does work very well at grinding as I put in very coarse salt and peppercorns and put it on fine and it made it very fine so I love how it works.

It also comes with a few other items which is an added bonus. I loved the mini silicone funnel, you really don’t need it to fill the jars since they are so wide but it is great for other things, and it collapses flat for easy storage.

The julienne peeler is also a nice bonus, it has 2 peeler blades, be careful they are very sharp! And they also include a cleaning brush making it easy to clean out the little left behind pieces that get stuff in the grater or you could use it on other kitchen gadgets too.

This is a great set built to last, and the company stands behind it they offer a 100% money back guarantee. And we know I love companies who believe in their product! If you want to learn more or purchase your own set you can find it here.

I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

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10 Piece Makeup Brush Set from Beauty Lally

Beauty Lally 10 Pieces Makeup Brush Set with Black Case and Mirror from Beauty Lally


This is a wonderful set for beginners or advanced make up lovers. It has every brush you could want or need!

If you are new to make up brushes you will love this set! It has 10 different brushes, each one has a name on the handle with the type of brush it is. No guessing games on what the brushes are for! It has a “cheat sheet” that explains what each brush is used for (watch my youtube video to learn about the brushes!) It has brushes for foundation, blush, eyebrows, eyeshadows, lips and more!

They are made out of synthetic hair, very durable and super soft! I do recommend wiping your brushes with a tissues after every use to keep them soft, and rinsing with water atleast weekly that is how I keep mine in good shape.

beauty lally.jpg

The set comes in a nice PU Leather case to keep your brushes covered and free from dust. I love this case! It is great for traveling, it has extra space so you can even add a few liners/mascara. It has 2 snaps on the sides to hold it closed so you don’t have to worry about it opening up in your luggage!

I also really like that it comes with a bonus acrylic (not plastic made) compact mirror. One side of the mirror is regular and the other side is a close up (magnified) mirror. This is another great company that offers a 30 day money back and a 3 year guarantee! You can find out more or purchase your own set here. I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

12 Roll Striped/Dot Washi by United Tapes

Decorative Craft Washi Masking Tape (Set of 12 Rolls) – Wide Rainbow Japanese Paper Tape – Geometric Striped and Dotted Patterns – Perfect for Walls ScrapBooking Crafting Journal Planner Calendar by United Tapes


This 12 roll set is fantastic and I am not just saying that because I love washi tape. This set features a rainbow of bright colors and designs and  no boring solids even!

Each roll came individually wrapped, great for keeping dust and dirt away til your ready to use, or if you want to share and gift a few rolls. These are standard size rolls like you find in a craft store. Approx 10 meters of tape (over 33 ft!) on each roll on a cardboard roll. so these will last you awhile.

The tape itself is a masking tape, not typical paper washi tape. This means that it is easily removable and re-positions well. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and won’t ruin them when removed!  Its still sticky but I don’t find it as sticky as the paper kind. Which is great if you want to remove. It tears easily which I really like so I’m not constantly looking for scissors.


This set has such a great variety of colors and designs. And I love that there are no solids. The colors are really bright and vibrate! My favorite is the Ombre Orange/Blue! I have alot of washi tape but this is my first roll with an ombre look. The yellow is hard to see but it has little flowers and bows on it! The details of each roll are beautiful and I have loved using them. And this company is another awesome company that offers 100% guarantee! (We know I love companies like that, but I know you won’t need that since these tapes are awesome!) If you would like to learn more of purchase your own set click here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.  #WashiTape

Washi Tape by Sandman Crafts

Washi Tape is becoming so popular, if you don’t know about it you are clearly missing out! I am addicted to it! (Like hard core addict I have hundreds of rolls and I’m sure you will be seeing quite a few review posts in the future because I don’t know how to say no to more haha!)  It can be used for so much, crafts, scrapbooking, decorating notebooks, planners, pens, anything!! My favorite way to use it to seal envelopes that I mail out for my business or to my friends because fun and pretty mail is just better! And these washi tapes are adorable!
Sandman Washi
You get a wonderful variety, flamingos, pineapple, burgers, lips, mermaid scale pattern and my favorite “you are my sunshine”. As far as colors go, the listing is described as “vibrant” but I would say these are more of pastel vs bright. But they do still show up nicely on a white background. The color is a tiny bit harder to see on some of them if you use it on a more colorful surface. The rolls come in a cute decorated ziplock type bag. The rolls are cardboard and alot wider then the typical ones I have found in stores. Each roll has 5 meters (approx 16+ ft) of tape which is a decent size. The width is a little over 1/2 an inch which is the size of most of my other washi tapes.It was super easy to get off the roll. It is like a paper tape so you can just rip it off or use scissors if you prefer and it stuck really nicely to paper/envelopes when I used it. These weren’t part of amazon prime but they did include free shipping and the wait wasn’t long at all. I ordered on a Monday afternoon and had them by Friday. And as always this company gets a bonus point for having a Satisfaction Guarantee because I feel that is important to stand behind your product! You can find out more about this this product, or to purchase your own click here.
I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Double Love Knot Ring

Double Love Knot Ring Gold Filled Skinny- SPUNKYsoul Fine Jewelry Collection 


How cute is this ring? This is a Double Love Knot handmade (in the USA!) ring. Its lightweight, I hardly even felt like I was wearing a ring. This is a great intro piece of jewelry if you aren’t big into rings. Or is super cute as a Midi ring! It is Gold Filled which I really liked because I have sensitive skin so I didn’t have to worry about this ring turning my finger green or having an allergic reaction!

What is Gold Filled? Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plating as gold filled literally has 100% more gold than gold plating. Gold filled is much more valuable and tarnish resistant. It does not flake off, rub off or turn colors. As a matter of fact, anyone who can wear gold can wear gold filled without worries of any allergic reaction to the jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is long lasting and an economical alternative to solid gold!

The ring itself is actually 2 rings knotted together. The knot is a longstanding symbol of love, devotion, friendship and bonding. How cool is that? I really enjoyed wearing this ring, I love how simple it is, but yet it has so much meaning behind it.


And if that isn’t enough it comes in an adorable box, with a card that talks about Ring Symbolism and what it means to wear a ring on each finger. Which I actually didn’t know the meanings behind! And all of it comes in a purple gift pouch. Spunky Soul did a wonderful job not only making a fantastic ring, but making it into a great gift giving experience! I love companies like that! And they even offer a 100% happiness guarantee. But I’d be surprised if you would need to use it! If you’d like more info about this ring or to get your own click here! I recieved this ring for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Wonderfit Premium Set


WonderFit Premium Set – 2 Lacrosse Massage Balls for Trigger Point + Easy-to-Carry Canvas Bag + FREE Ebook with 10 Amazing Exercises – Deep Tissue Myofascial Physiotherapy – 100% Safe & Effective by WonderFit


  • ✔︎ PREMIUM QUALITY MASSAGE BALLS – With 100% Premium Silicon composite you can rest assure that our product is all about quality that lasts. Our massage balls meets NOCSAE standards and NCAA/ NFHS specifications, regulation size and weight.
  • ✔︎ REDUCE PAIN AND INCREASE MOBILITY – Our massage balls relieves muscle tension and soreness, providing relief from pain. Great for myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage throughout the body. Our massage balls can also be used for WOD workouts, Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates, and more.
  • ✔︎ BONUS – EXERCISES E-BOOK WITH PHOTOS! – You will receive an e-book free of charge, showing you how to effectively use the lacrosse balls with 10 exercise examples made by a professional model.


As someone who has arthritis and back pain these are great. You get 2 of them in a nice little pouch with a drawstring. They are solid rubber, think tennis ball size. They weigh 140g (a little under 5oz). They have a cute little logo on them, so you won’t mix them up with your kids play balls.

If you aren’t familiar with how to use these right after you purchase them they email you a handy ebook with some simple beginner exercises for different parts of your body depending on what areas are bothering you it also includes pictures of a lady doing the actual exercise too. These area also great if you have ever been to a physical therapist because alot of them recommend exercises that incorporate Lacrosse exercises (I’m sure you could look up more online) So having my own set is really nice. The only con I had is the material of the ball, after using it everything kind of clinged to it (my dry skin, hair etc.) but the good thing about it vs a tennis ball is you can easily wash it with a rag or some antibacterial wipes and it is good to go again.

And lets not forget the Satisfaction Guarantee! I adore companies that believe in their product and want you to be happy, and I did really enjoy using these Lacrosse balls and would recommend them! If you would like to purchase your own set, click here! I received this item for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.