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Hair Brush Straightener by Jouvelle

#1 Hair Brush Straightener | Straight – Gorgeous Looking Hair in Minutes with This Professional Hair Straightening Brush | All Hair Types | As Seen On TV | Best Hair Straightener Brush from Jouvellė™ | USA


This info is based on my hair type which is long, wavy, thin and frizzy. Obviously this product will have different results for different hair types.

Ever since I’ve heard about the straightening brush craze I’ve been wanting to try one. I don’t straighten my hair alot since I have wavy hair, but I do like the nice smooth, sleek and non-frizzy look on occasion and I don’t seem to get along with regular straighteners very well as I tend to burn myself.

This brush straightener arrived nicely, it comes with 2 teal clips that are great if you have thick or curly hair and need to work in sections and then the brush itself. The cord rotates so you can use it in any direction and has a nice velcro loop so you can keep it wrapped up when not in use. The brush itself (the black back side) does look a bit cheap though, and was already full of scratches and smudges when it arrived.

The brush part has 3 buttons on the side, an on/off (hold for a few seconds to turn on and off) and a +/- for heat control. The heat settings are in Celsius but can be changed to Fahrenheit, and you can increase or decrease it in 11 different modes. But they are in 5C so when you change it in -F the numbers are all odd.

That part I honestly dislike and also feel its misleading to advertise as an American brand when its clearly not (refer to the main title) also this product is made in china. I tried to get more info about this product, they gave a website address in a coupon, and also on the box and the website doesn’t exist. Even with a search I wasn’t able to find anything.

hair straightener.jpg

The brush itself works nicely, it straightened my hair. I did have a few problems with tangles and when I tried to remove hair from it I realize it was really hot! So make sure you wait til its cooled before removing hair from it. I did just use it like a brush, although I made sure to brush my hair first, it does recommend that you do small sections at a time though. I did not like how hot it got on the back of the brush. It got REALLY hot! I had it on the starting setting even. I had to put it in the sink to cool off when I was done because I was worried to leave it on the counter with how hot it was.

Overall this is an ok product. It does work but it could use some improvements to make it better for its price point. You can find out more about this product or purchase your own here. I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. 


Salt and Pepper Shakers by Artic

Artic® Salt and Pepper Shakers – Porcelain Dinnerware Keeper Spice Set – Ceramic Containers for Seasoning – Fun Unique Funky Kitchy Novelty – 2 Shaker Jolly Pigs by Artic


My grandmother is a huge salt and pepper shaker fan. I have no idea why.. she actually hates pepper. I’m the opposite I hate salt. But I’m always on the hunt for more sets to add to her odd collection. But then these arrived and I fell in love!! Are these not just the cutest things!? I’m not even a pig fan and I can’t get over how adorable they are. Actually they are so much better in person!

The pigs themselves are made of porcelain but the caps are made of silicon, I really like that part because you don’t have to worry about the caps rusting over time, the silicone just squeezes off easily. Pink pig is for pepper and has 3 holes in the snout and blue is for salt and has one hole. Easy way to remember is pink and pepper are both p’s so they are the same.

artic shakers

The back of the pig is rounded flat so they lay down nicely so you can fill them up with salt/pepper and the opening and nice and wide compared to alot of other shakers I’ve seen. This also is helpful when you need to wash them! Narrow shakers are so hard to wash, not these and they are even dishwasher safe!

These piggies do not disappoint. If you would like to find out more or get yourself a set you can find it here. And if you like matching items the company also has an awesome butter dish. It has a colored rim that you can change the color to match either pig. I have it and love it! I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Metallic Tattoos from Classy Bohemian

Premium Temporary Metallic Body & Hair Tattoos – 10 Sheets / 100+ Beautiful Tattoo Designs from Classy Bohemian™


Do you remember putting on fake tattoos as a kid? If so you will love these 10 times more because these are prettier and super shiny!

They have the same application as your basic fake tattoos. Cut out, peel off clear wrapper, put on clean dry skin and apply a wet rag or paper towel. Super basic and easy to apply. I had no problems applying them, they went on in about 30 sec. If you forget the directions they have them printed on the back of each sheet, along with hair application and removal.


You get 10 sheets in the pack, featuring over 100 tattoo’s that you can use as necklaces, bracelets, arm cuffs, rings, hair strips, and a few smaller items/words. Majority of them are Metallic Gold or Silver, some of them are both or have some black mixed in. I absolutely love how sparkly and shiny they are on your skin! They seem a bit dull on the paper but once you put them on they are bright!

You can even put these in your hair! I did not try that because I don’t have nice straight hair, but I think that is a nice plus. I did enjoy them on different areas of my body (wrist, shoulder, foot) but they didn’t stay on for more then a day or two. They are super easy to wipe off, with a bit of pressure I was able to just remove it by rubbing it away. This could be a good or bad thing. I personally like that I could wear these as a weekend look and remove with ease. But if you are looking for something to last 3+ days you might be disappointed. 

If you would like to know more about this product or purchase your own you can find it here. I receive this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Color with Music by Newbourne Media

ADULT COLORING BOOK: Biblical Images & Themes Stress Relieving Designs Includes Bonus Relaxation CD: Color With Music Paperback by Newbourne Media


I am sure by now you have seen or heard of Adult Coloring Books, they are everywhere! I am a huge fan of them and have a whole bunch of them. I have always enjoyed coloring since I was a child. Its fun, relaxing and something the whole family can do. So when adult coloring books because a trend I was an instant follower!

This coloring book has a bonus, it took coloring 1 step up. First off I went with the biblical images coloring book, although there is a great selection of books to choose from. I really enjoy coloring because I find it calming and peaceful and that is where the bonus part of this coloring book comes in. It comes with a cd! The cd features 10 tracks totaling approx 56 mins of soft calming, instrumental, piano, nature type music that you can listen to while you are coloring to help relieve stress and stay calm. The music is lovely and is very soothing.

coloring book.jpg

The book is square 8×8, opening on the top and bottom. There is 48 beautiful pages from crosses, words, stain glass images etc. and also has a variety of easy and hard to color pages. All images are single sided and tear off top easily. I said TOP! This is a great coloring book for left handed people like myself! It also has a cardboard flap that you can put under your page as you color to prevent color bleed through if you happen to be using markers or pens. The paper is not flimsy or cheap its a beautiful bright white and printed well. I plan on coloring some and framing them to hang around the house.

If you would like to learn more or purchase your own, you can find it here. I did receive this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Floral Washi by Gambi Paper Co

Japanese WASHI Colored Paper Masking Tape – Floral Design – Set of 10 – Scrapbooking, Arts and Crafts, Kid-Friendly by Gambi Paper Co


I’m pretty sure my new life goal is to have a room dedicated to Washi Tape. I seriously can’t get enough of this stuff!

This set is wonderful! You get 10 rolls, all individually wrapped, and presented in a nice slide box with a clear lid. Great for gift giving or keeping on your desk if you don’t have a million other rolls like I do.

Each roll is on a smaller cardboard base, you get a great amount of tape (10 meters approx 33 feet) the rolls are similar to a lot of the ones you would find in craft stores. The washi tape itself sticks nicely, remember this isn’t regular tape it is a paper tape so much thinner. It is easy to rip so you don’t need scissors unless you want a clean line look.

Wash 2

And variety, I love this set because of all the different options you get, from sprinkles, hearts, dots, lines and flowers you won’t get bored with this set! Most of the patterns are semi clear, so if you use them on colored paper you get something different! The pink roll is hard to see but it is an outline of hearts, but the hearts are clear. There is also a great mix of bright colors and pastels. Most washi tape sets I have seen are limited to a color theme, this one is a great variety! If you would like to learn more or to get your own set, you can find it here. I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

You failed at being a Mother



As I scroll through Facebook today its obvious its Mother’s day. Post after post of individuals writing about their mother’s, daughters and how special they are, childhood pictures, sharing memories, so much happiness right? Not always..

Mother (Verb:) to care for or protect like a mother; act maternally toward.

A little bit of background: I was raised by my father most of my life (and he did a wonderful job.) I wasn’t blessed with a mother who was caring, loving or even liked her children. My birth mother was and still is a drunk and druggie, who thought putting alcohol and men before her children was more important. I never referred to her as mom, even though I did remain in her life for quite a few years because of my younger sisters, and I always hoped and prayed that my good influence would help her change but it didn’t, and now that my sisters are adults  I am glad that I am free from her drama.

But even though she didn’t raise me, I don’t refer to her has mom, and she was a horrible influence she did teach me a few things, now that I am in my 30’s I felt a need to end this chapter in my life and wrote a closure letter to ease my heart.



I looked up the definition of Mother for you. One of them is being a Verb:to care for or protect although you have done neither of those in my lifetime, and you pretty much failed at being a mother, you have taught me a few things.

You taught me how horrible alcohol and drugs are. You have spent your whole life putting those 2 things first, before your children, your health, everything. I’ve seen it destroy you. (And now its destroying B.) But I was lucky because of you, I learned to stay away from drugs/alcohol.

You also taught me to be a stronger person. My whole life you put me down to build yourself up, you made me feel weak like I couldn’t survive. But I am, and honestly I’m doing so much better now because I have the weight lifted off me from all your negativity.

I learned the importance of family, relationships and friendships. I was there for my sisters! I gave up a lot for them, and I would do anything for them. THAT is what love is. What have you done for them? Besides offer them alcohol and weed? I spent many years trying to form a relationship with you for my sisters sake, and because I hoped you would change. I even convinced myself that as you got older you had to change because that’s part of growing up. But your selfish, always acting like a victim to make others feel sorry for you. I’m glad to be done with that part of my life. I have actual friendships, with people now that don’t involve guilt trips it involves 2 people working equally.

And most importantly, you taught me its ok to not have a Mother. Because I had a great Father who worked extra hard and was always there for me. I am happy with who I turned out to be.




If you are without a mother my heart goes out to you. I also want to send my heart out to all the Mom’s who have babies in Heaven, and all the ladies trying to be Mother’s as I know this day is hard. My only baby is a Heaven baby ❤ 

Leather Wrap Anchor Bracelet

Leather Wrap Anchor Bracelet for Men and Women-Durable Wrist Bangle-Unisex Fashion Jewelry by Live Inc.



  • Trendy Charm bracelet with sturdy toggle clasps; Jewelry dimension: Length – 110cm.
  • PU Leather band with premium zinc alloy Anchor charm pendant
  • Adjustable sliding knot to fit ALL wrist sizes
  • A Super attractive unisex fashion accessory for friends, Colleagues, Siblings, and Couples
  • Comfortable fit design





So when I order this, I assumed it was going to be made of leather, mostly because leather is in the title and I clearly don’t know much about actual leather. Once I received it I got a shiny almost plastic feeling material after reading the description again I realized that it said PU Leather, again I had no idea what that was so after looking that up found out that it means it is an artificial man-made leather.

The band, which happens to just be a long piece of the PU Leather knotted on 1 side to a charm and looped on the other size to secure it to the charm after wrapping around your wrist to fit isn’t anything fancy, the ends of my knot were fraying. The anchor charm is cute though, it says hope on it and has a rustic aged look and seems to be pretty durable as I couldn’t bend it easily.

I measured the length from the end of the charm to the end of the loop at approx. 108 cm (42 1/2 in) just the band part being approx. 103 cm (40 1/2 in) No matter how I wrapped this or tried to wear this it just didn’t sit well on my wrist/arm it kept turning and falling because I couldn’t get it sized right and the loop was way to big to clasp onto the anchor part. Maybe I have an odd size wrist?  It also wasn’t comfortable, I found that the PU Leather doesn’t really bend and shape well.

I personally don’t feel this is a great bracelet for its price, to me it feels more like something I’d find in a dollar section of a store. If you’d like to learn more about this bracelet or have different taste then me and might enjoy this you can find it here. I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Infinity Scarf by MissShorthair

MissShorthair Women’s Light Weight Colorful Painting Plaid Tartan Infinity Scarf by MissShorthair 



  • 71inch * 28inch (180CM*70CM) large Scarf Shawl Wrap folds easily and fits into small makeup bags, handbags or suitcases. (Approximately Size)
  • Each scarf is a hand-printed, one-of-a-kind work of art, designed to ensure versatility. You can wear your women’s fashion scarf, drape it over a chair or frame it on the wall. Wearable art describes these gorgeous gauze viscose scarves best.
  • For best experience with our sheer scarfs for women, wash first as Long storage time may cause mild odor 
  • Hand Wash or Machine Wash is OK
  • For faster, wrinkle free drying-lay flat
  • MissShorthair infinity and long plaid scarves are designed and manufactured by our professional team in London. And is a registered trademark.


Scarf 21


MissShorthair has a wonderful selection of scarves, I went with an infinity scarf if your not familiar with the term infinity it means that its a long circle scarf that doesn’t have an end, this type of scarf is usually worn wrapped around your neck twice.

My scarf arrived nicely folded up in a drawstring bag, perfect for storage or gift giving. I went with Sky as my color choice because I don’t own much blue and I thought it would be great for summer. It was a great choice, the colors are perfect, a wonderful patchwork mix of grays, blues, teal and a light greenish/yellow. The colors are so much prettier in person then in the stock photos.

The scarf is 100% polyester, its really soft and lightweight making it a great addition to your year-round wardrobe, because of the plaid multi colors it matches so many of my clothes and is a quick way to dress up a simple tshirt and jeans look. The description states it is 71in but when I measured it I got an approx 66 in, it is nice and fluffy though, the only con I had is that the material is very thin on the edges near stitching and on parts of the edges it is kind of shredded and thinning. So the quality could be a bit better (see last 2 photos) this wasn’t a big problem though, as you can’t see it when you wear it. Other then that I really liked this scarf it was really comfortable to wear! You can learn more about this scarf or see what other patterns are offered by going here. I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Bestek Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter

BESTEK Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter with Hands-Free Calling, USB Charging & Music Controls – Works with Apple, Samsung, LG & More Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Players by BESTEK



• Adjustable angle fits all types of Vehicles(12-24V)
• Digital Display
• Support 3.5mm Line audio Output
• Support USB flash Disk Player
• Support MP3, WMA format music
• Remote phone call answer, hang up, reject and other functions
• Support USB Charging, the maximum output voltage 5V / 2.1A
• Transmitting Distance: <10M

Packing List:

• 1 x FM transmitter
• 1 x Remote Controller
• 1 x Audio Cable
• 1 x User Manual


I’m kind of old school when it comes to technology, I still use a regular wired earpiece for my phone when I drive, which isn’t the most comfortable on long car rides. Most of my driving tends to be highways and usually the same boring routes so I tend to spend alot of time talking on the phone or flipping through radio stations since I can’t stand commercials.

I knew this was going to come in handy on my next 2 hour car ride! Although it did come with a user guide, I didn’t feel it made much sense on how to get it to work. It was more of a tip sheet. So if you aren’t big on technology it might take a bit of time to figure out. I plugged it, synced it up to my phone and just picked a random radio station til it came in clear. My biggest con would be the volume, it was rather low I had to turn up my volume on my radio rather high in order to hear the other person. I am not sure if that is the device or my car. Otherwise the phone part worked nicely. I really liked how an incoming call will ring and then you will hear a voice announce the phone number.

Next I tested out the music feature by using the sd card feature which I absolutely love! I had music and pictures on my sd card so I wasn’t sure how it was going to work but it automatically started playing music as soon as I inserted the card! This part is great, no more commercials on long car rides, and the remote would be great for a passenger or kids in the backseat to control the songs. It also has a 3.5mm input or a USB input so you could hook up a mp3 player or other device too.

Another great feature is on the bottom side is another USB 5V so you can charge your phone also. This also works with many different types of phones! I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 which is rather old. So if you have an old phone, or an older car but want to be all tech and cool, or….. if you just get sick of wearing an earpiece and listening to commercials like me, then this little gadget is great. You can find more info or get your own here.

I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

Bobble Infuse Water Bottle

Bobble Infuse – Hydrate, Filter, and Infuse Right In Your Water Bottle – Ergonomic Shape with Dishwasher Safe TritanTM Material – Includes Carbon Filter – 20oz
by Bobble 


With Summer on its way its always nice to have a few water bottles on hand. This was my first time venturing into something more then just a basic water bottle. I love lemon water so I figured this would be great to add fresh lemons to.

I got the color Poppy which kind of reminds me of a pumpkin orange, there is a nice variety of colors to choose from. The top is the only part that is colored the bottle itself is clear. It was easy to pop the cover off, and the lid screws off easily. The mouthpiece is a nice push top, with a lid so it doesn’t leak.

Bobble Infuse

The filter compartment was easy to remove from the lid, on the bottom there is even a little turn dial to keep track of usage so you know when to change it out. According to the instructions the filter should last 300 16.9 oz water bottles which is kind of misleading since the water bottle is actual 20 oz. You can also remove the filter and add fruits/vegs for infusion. I do wish the top had a bigger opening though because you would have to cut up the pieces pretty small to get them inside.

I was a bit concerned at first that the bottle part itself was a bit thin and that it wouldn’t hold up well, but it has done great. And its even dishwasher safe! But make sure you remove the carbon filter first. If you would like to get your own infuse water bottle you can find it here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.