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Beanie Hat from CacheAlaska

Beanie Knit Hat – Premium Wool Blend – designed by CacheAlaska®


Hats WHAT?? You all probably think I’m nuts talking about hats in August! But I live in Wisconsin and well… lets face it, we have winter weather almost year round, and then you have me who is worse then a 90 year old lady who is cold in 100 degree weather! So its never to early to think warm clothes 🙂

This is your typical looking beanie hat. I got the light blue, very pretty in color. Almost like a sky blue. They do offer a variety of colors. And a Medium (skull, tighter fit) and One Size (a looser regular fit) which is the one I got. It fit very well. I took a picture of it on with my hair up in a bun and it fit loosely over that.

The hat itself is knit blended. It has a good stretch but doesn’t leave gaps when stretched on your head like some knitted hats. This is very tiny knitted. It is a 50/50 wool and acrylic blend. Don’t let that scare you though, it is super soft and not scratchy at all. I would of never even guessed that there is wool in this hat!

Blue Hat.jpg

What makes this hat different is if you turn it inside out you will see a soft extra fleece lining around the bottom, I love this part! This extra part keeps your ears really warm and cozy! I’m sure it will be great at keeping wind out too. Like most hats there is also a cute little brown logo on the side of the hat too. The hat itself is great, comfy and no issues.

Now the parts I didn’t like or that I found confusing. This company is a Family owned business centered in Alaska, the listing on Amazon makes it seem like this hat is made in Alaska, this is false. It is DESIGNED in Alaska. It is made in China according to the tag. The description on Amazon also claims it is Machine wash/dry. The tag says Do not tumble dry. Also the extra lining is fleece, even says so in the description, but fleece is not listed as a material on the hat. To me these are pretty important things, now they might not be important to other people but I do feel that to give an honest review these are all things that need to be mentioned.


Overall this hat is a great value for the money, and the pros did outweigh the cons. If you want to check out more info or get a hat before the cold you can find them on amazon here. Or their website

I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased review.