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10 Piece Makeup Brush Set from Beauty Lally

Beauty Lally 10 Pieces Makeup Brush Set with Black Case and Mirror from Beauty Lally


This is a wonderful set for beginners or advanced make up lovers. It has every brush you could want or need!

If you are new to make up brushes you will love this set! It has 10 different brushes, each one has a name on the handle with the type of brush it is. No guessing games on what the brushes are for! It has a “cheat sheet” that explains what each brush is used for (watch my youtube video to learn about the brushes!) It has brushes for foundation, blush, eyebrows, eyeshadows, lips and more!

They are made out of synthetic hair, very durable and super soft! I do recommend wiping your brushes with a tissues after every use to keep them soft, and rinsing with water atleast weekly that is how I keep mine in good shape.

beauty lally.jpg

The set comes in a nice PU Leather case to keep your brushes covered and free from dust. I love this case! It is great for traveling, it has extra space so you can even add a few liners/mascara. It has 2 snaps on the sides to hold it closed so you don’t have to worry about it opening up in your luggage!

I also really like that it comes with a bonus acrylic (not plastic made) compact mirror. One side of the mirror is regular and the other side is a close up (magnified) mirror. This is another great company that offers a 30 day money back and a 3 year guarantee! You can find out more or purchase your own set here. I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. 


12 Roll Striped/Dot Washi by United Tapes

Decorative Craft Washi Masking Tape (Set of 12 Rolls) – Wide Rainbow Japanese Paper Tape – Geometric Striped and Dotted Patterns – Perfect for Walls ScrapBooking Crafting Journal Planner Calendar by United Tapes


This 12 roll set is fantastic and I am not just saying that because I love washi tape. This set features a rainbow of bright colors and designs and  no boring solids even!

Each roll came individually wrapped, great for keeping dust and dirt away til your ready to use, or if you want to share and gift a few rolls. These are standard size rolls like you find in a craft store. Approx 10 meters of tape (over 33 ft!) on each roll on a cardboard roll. so these will last you awhile.

The tape itself is a masking tape, not typical paper washi tape. This means that it is easily removable and re-positions well. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and won’t ruin them when removed!  Its still sticky but I don’t find it as sticky as the paper kind. Which is great if you want to remove. It tears easily which I really like so I’m not constantly looking for scissors.


This set has such a great variety of colors and designs. And I love that there are no solids. The colors are really bright and vibrate! My favorite is the Ombre Orange/Blue! I have alot of washi tape but this is my first roll with an ombre look. The yellow is hard to see but it has little flowers and bows on it! The details of each roll are beautiful and I have loved using them. And this company is another awesome company that offers 100% guarantee! (We know I love companies like that, but I know you won’t need that since these tapes are awesome!) If you would like to learn more of purchase your own set click here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.  #WashiTape

Geometric Washi Tape by DIY Crew

Colorful Washi Masking Tape (Set of 10 Rolls) – Wide Japanese Decorative Paper Tape with Geometric Pattern Designs, Cute Colored Collection From DIY Crew


  • COLORS: Lovely, vibrant and bright colors. In this set of 10 tapes you will find: Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Black, White, Green, Purple and Grey tapes.
  • DIMENSIONS: 15mm wide x 10 meters long . The masking washi tapes are great for: decorating, scrapbooking, making custom gift boxes and more. Kids LOVE them
  • STICKY: Our washi tape sticks to any clean surface. The tapes will NOT damage your walls, you can remove them and stick them without any residue
  • PACKAGE: You will receive a clear and cute plastic box with 10 high quality tapes. Don’t waste your money on murky and uneven tapes from other sellers
  • QUALITY: We have high quality control standards, all the tapes are evenly sized and great quality. You’re protected by a satisfaction warranty from DIY Crew and Amazon


 DIY Crew.jpg
This is a great set if you are looking for a wide variety of patterns/colors as it really does have a rainbow of variety and I love how bright each roll is! Most of them are Geometric patterned (arrows, circles, stars, dots, zig zags, lines) and then you have a plain green. which matches nicely with the grey dot pattern and the red/green striped pattern. The yellow star roll the stars are actually clear so you will get the color of whatever you use the tape on.
The rolls are great sized (about the same as the stores) they come on a cardboard base and you get 10 meters of tape (about 33 ft) which is average for washi tape. These are actually more of a masking tape and not as much of a paper tape but they still tear very easily by hand if you don’t have scissors near.
I did find that these are a little less sticky then other brands I have used and also less sticky then regular washi tape that is more paper like. Which is why the masking tape ones are much better for walls, or projects that you would like to remove the tape. All my projects are paper based so I do not know how well they remove from other surfaces.
The rolls come individually wrapped which I love to prevent dirt and dust from sticking, and its nice if you want to keep a few rolls and share a few. And they all come in a cute see-thru box. You can find out more or purchase your own here. I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.