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UCEC Golden Eagle Scissors

UCEC Golden Eagle Scissors – Great for Stitch,DIY Supplies – Pack of 12 by UCEC


I had a friend introduce me to this style of sewing scissors last year and they have been my favorite style since! And not because I sew, because the only time you will see me sewing is with a needle and thread fixing a tiny hole in a pair of pants. Anyways.. I love my scissors my friend gave me because they are super sharp, great at cutting in small spaces and I love how you hold these! I am actually left handed but in school I always had to use my right hand to cut because there was never left handed scissors. I’m actually ambidextrous now. So I was excited to see how these compared to the pair my friend gave me that I love and treat like gold 🙂


So at first when I got these I was kind of disappointed. They arrived nicely in plastic, each scissor had its own little slot. So I go to take out a pair and they are greasy or oily or something! I was grossed out and didn’t understand WHY they would put oil on something made to cut fabric/paper wouldn’t that get all over the items and make a mess?. My husband explained to me that the oil was to keep the blades from rusting. Which made complete sense!! And clearly I wasn’t going to be using all 12 scissors at once. Although I do plan on keeping a few around the house since they are handy! I do recommend that before you use a pair of these that you do wipe the blades with a tissue or rag.

The scissors are about 4 inches long. The blades are great, nice and sharp and made of metal. The handle part isn’t as great of quality as some others, these happen to be made of plastic. I have had one pair already break at the plastic part in half. But I’ve been using it all week and pretty much for everything so I was rough on it. But for the price and how many you get I still think this is a great deal.

I love these for trimming my nail wraps because they cut really smoothly. I mainly used the scissors to cut paper, thick paper, tape, bubble wrap. I love these for crafting since they are small it makes it easier to get close to were you want to cut. I’m sure these would work great for cutting fabric, and lots of other items! If you would like to purchase your own set, you can find them here. I did receive these at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Washi Tape by Sandman Crafts

Washi Tape is becoming so popular, if you don’t know about it you are clearly missing out! I am addicted to it! (Like hard core addict I have hundreds of rolls and I’m sure you will be seeing quite a few review posts in the future because I don’t know how to say no to more haha!)  It can be used for so much, crafts, scrapbooking, decorating notebooks, planners, pens, anything!! My favorite way to use it to seal envelopes that I mail out for my business or to my friends because fun and pretty mail is just better! And these washi tapes are adorable!
Sandman Washi
You get a wonderful variety, flamingos, pineapple, burgers, lips, mermaid scale pattern and my favorite “you are my sunshine”. As far as colors go, the listing is described as “vibrant” but I would say these are more of pastel vs bright. But they do still show up nicely on a white background. The color is a tiny bit harder to see on some of them if you use it on a more colorful surface. The rolls come in a cute decorated ziplock type bag. The rolls are cardboard and alot wider then the typical ones I have found in stores. Each roll has 5 meters (approx 16+ ft) of tape which is a decent size. The width is a little over 1/2 an inch which is the size of most of my other washi tapes.It was super easy to get off the roll. It is like a paper tape so you can just rip it off or use scissors if you prefer and it stuck really nicely to paper/envelopes when I used it. These weren’t part of amazon prime but they did include free shipping and the wait wasn’t long at all. I ordered on a Monday afternoon and had them by Friday. And as always this company gets a bonus point for having a Satisfaction Guarantee because I feel that is important to stand behind your product! You can find out more about this this product, or to purchase your own click here.
I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Mustard Mayhem

Mustard Mayhem (Hardcover) by Dominic Lodato


I pretty much knew right away this book was going to be a cute! The cover alone is eye catching for anyone. I mean who wouldn’t want to know what happens inside? This book is Hardcover, the pages are nice and big (about 9×9) and like the cover the pages are full of color! There are a good 30+ pages I counted front and back separate.

The story is about a boy who wants a snack, a hot dog of course but can’t find the mustard. So he goes looking for it. Its a nice basic story line but of course it gets silly. This book is great for younger kids because it has fun pictures and a simple story line with most pages only having a sentence or two on each page. Also great for elementary readers! I loved this book and think this book could be enjoyed by a family of mixed ages because it offers so much!


I can’t wait to see if Independent Author, Dominic Lodato’s other books are as fun as this one! He is also the author of  “Mom Made Broccoli for Breakfast” and “I Think My Little Brother is an Alien”  you can find Mustard Mayhem here. I received this book at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

My Blogger Confession

Do you ever wonder why you are doing what you do? I never thought I’d end up writing product reviews, blogging, working online. Actually to be honest I dislike the internet even though I spend way to much time on it most days. I spend hours arguing with it and in the long run it usually ends up winning.

As a child I grew up on a farm and hated the country life, I envied my friends who got to live in the city, I felt secluded and sheltered. As I got older I did enjoy the peace and quiet of the country life but I always knew I belonged in the city. I knew that I was a big city girl at heart. So I moved to the city, yet always ended up back in the country.

Fast forward to many years later of trying to MAKE my life into a life of exactly what I wanted. Because really isn’t that what we all want? The perfect dream? Obviously it all is different, some of us want families, some of us want to travel, etc. We just want to be happy. The difference is you can’t force it. I tried for so many years to make my life into sometime it wasn’t. I wanted a family, ended up chronically ill and can’t have children anymore.

I never in a million years pictured my life the way it is now, but that is ok because this is who I was meant to be! But want to know a secret? I hate writing. And I hate the internet. But I think this is my path, and I think I will learn as I go and I will get better at it. Who are you meant to be? Don’t be scared of that person!


Double Love Knot Ring

Double Love Knot Ring Gold Filled Skinny- SPUNKYsoul Fine Jewelry Collection 


How cute is this ring? This is a Double Love Knot handmade (in the USA!) ring. Its lightweight, I hardly even felt like I was wearing a ring. This is a great intro piece of jewelry if you aren’t big into rings. Or is super cute as a Midi ring! It is Gold Filled which I really liked because I have sensitive skin so I didn’t have to worry about this ring turning my finger green or having an allergic reaction!

What is Gold Filled? Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plating as gold filled literally has 100% more gold than gold plating. Gold filled is much more valuable and tarnish resistant. It does not flake off, rub off or turn colors. As a matter of fact, anyone who can wear gold can wear gold filled without worries of any allergic reaction to the jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is long lasting and an economical alternative to solid gold!

The ring itself is actually 2 rings knotted together. The knot is a longstanding symbol of love, devotion, friendship and bonding. How cool is that? I really enjoyed wearing this ring, I love how simple it is, but yet it has so much meaning behind it.


And if that isn’t enough it comes in an adorable box, with a card that talks about Ring Symbolism and what it means to wear a ring on each finger. Which I actually didn’t know the meanings behind! And all of it comes in a purple gift pouch. Spunky Soul did a wonderful job not only making a fantastic ring, but making it into a great gift giving experience! I love companies like that! And they even offer a 100% happiness guarantee. But I’d be surprised if you would need to use it! If you’d like more info about this ring or to get your own click here! I recieved this ring for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Toothbrush Shield & *Giveaway!*

Toothbrush Shield by IntelliDent 


I’m guessing you have no idea what a Toothbrush Shield is, mostly because I didn’t know what one was up until a few weeks ago. But trust me your going to want to find out! I travel, and when I do I use a toothbrush cover, or when I lose it I sometimes just throw a toothbrush into a plastic ziplock, and then of course I forget about it all day as I return and its wet and gross and smelly and it results in me throwing away my travel toothbrush (good thing I keep a supply of back-up travel toothbrushes) but that gets pricey. Not anymore!

intellident .jpg

The toothbrush shields come in a pack of 10, all nicely individually sealed, super easy to use and fits on all size toothbrushes.

These are great for traveling because the material is breathable and drying but doesn’t get wet on the outside. They are lab tested to be 99.9% effective against surface and airborne bacteria, were as plastic caps hold the moisture in and are known to trap and breed bacteria. I don’t know about you, but its kind of gross to think about germs and bacteria crawling around in my mouth!

Even if you don’t travel much these are great for home use too. I never realized how important it is to keep your toothbrush covered! Here is a fun fact from the IntelliDent Website:

 Did you know? A flushing toilet releases a fine mist of airbourne droplets that settle on surfaces within a six foot radius of the toilet; this mist can contain e-coli and many other harmful bacteria.

So while the shield doesn’t kill germs it does block them, so while your out buying a new toothbrush you should probably get some of these to go with! Your mouth will thank you! Have a mouth guard or retainer? They got you covered too. There is a shield for that. Want another reason to love this company? Made in the USA and Women Owned 🙂

IntelliDent was gracious enough to send me extras so I want to share!! I am giving away a Sample Pack of Toothbrush and Mouth Guard Shields for a lucky reader to try!! Can’t wait to see if you will win? You can find them in select Walmarts, and online at,, and

I recieved this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


Winner will receive 5 Toothbrush Shields and 2 Mouth Guard Shields! *Giveaway is US only* Enter giveaway Here!

*Giveaway CLOSED! Congrats to Charlene E!* 

Rapid Veggie Cooker

Rapid Veggie Steamer – Cook Pefect Vegetables in the Microwave! by Rapid Brands


  • Cook PERFECT vegetables in the microwave every time!
  • SAVE time – no more pots, pans, or waiting for water to boil!
  • The PERFECT addition to your kitchen! MUST HAVE for students, busy parents, and healthy eaters!
  • HEAT and EAT – steam delicious fresh veggies in minutes 2:30! Frozen veggies in 4 minutes!
  • BPA free, reusable, and dishwasher safe.



The veggie cooker is simple and easy to use. The instructions are on the back of the box, and also on top of the clear lid. 3 Basic Steps: 1. Fill with water to the line. 2. Put veggies in the steamer tray. 3. Cover and microwave! Easy Right!?

The top lid has nice side taps to grab it, although it doesn’t snap down which I like, because who wants to unsnap something hot? I really like how the veggies are separate from the water, it means no burning your fingers trying to drain the water. And it saves time waiting for the veggies to cool from the hot water. I also like that this doesn’t get super hot, I let it sit a minute in the microwave and it was cooled enough to take out.

For me it did take a bit longer then the 2:30 mins to get my veggies cooked but it does say on the box that the cooking time might vary based on microwave. And I’m sure it depends on how soft/hard you want your veggies.

I think this would be great for a single person who wants to just steam a tiny bit of veggies at a time, or even for a couple as I think it could hold a good bowl size of veggies. You can get your own Rapid Veggie Steamer here. I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

Sibode Cup Mat

SIBODE Cup Mat Cute Pink Carved Soft Rubber Silicone Coaster by SIBODE


About the Product:

  • Premium Non Marking and Non Slip; Glass and Wood Furniture Safe
  • Made of Food Grade Silicone that is Heat and Cold Resistant
  • They’re Flexible, Resilient and Do Not Break
  • BPA-Free, Eco-Friendly and Easy to Clean
  • Size: 9 cm , 4 “



This coaster is darling! The pattern/design caught my eye immediately since I adore pink and anything cute! I actually thought it was going to be foam on top but love that it is silicone it is very durable and flexible. The silicone material is nice because it grips nicely to the table and to your drink and stays in place so you don’t have to worry about it being bumped and moving around. And if you do happen to spill you can easily wipe it clean.

It’s also good for hot/cold beverages! And because its not fabric/paper material you don’t have to worry about water stains on your wood table. It is an average size (approx 4″) the only con I had is that I wish you got more then 1 or it would be a bit cheaper, honestly its a tad expensive for one coaster. At the time of this review it was $7.99 (prices do change on Amazon so I normally don’t list them in my reviews) But I think it would make a cute gift for a single lady or maybe you don’t know what to get grandma for Christmas?

I would still recommend this, as not everyone is as cheap as I am haha! And maybe you don’t need 4 coasters? I did give this a 4 star review just because of the price/1 coaster and also I found the listing/info on Amazon to be kind of odd but overall I still really like it and it is great for my girly pink office 🙂 You can purchase your own here! I did receive this product for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Wonderfit Premium Set


WonderFit Premium Set – 2 Lacrosse Massage Balls for Trigger Point + Easy-to-Carry Canvas Bag + FREE Ebook with 10 Amazing Exercises – Deep Tissue Myofascial Physiotherapy – 100% Safe & Effective by WonderFit


  • ✔︎ PREMIUM QUALITY MASSAGE BALLS – With 100% Premium Silicon composite you can rest assure that our product is all about quality that lasts. Our massage balls meets NOCSAE standards and NCAA/ NFHS specifications, regulation size and weight.
  • ✔︎ REDUCE PAIN AND INCREASE MOBILITY – Our massage balls relieves muscle tension and soreness, providing relief from pain. Great for myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage throughout the body. Our massage balls can also be used for WOD workouts, Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates, and more.
  • ✔︎ BONUS – EXERCISES E-BOOK WITH PHOTOS! – You will receive an e-book free of charge, showing you how to effectively use the lacrosse balls with 10 exercise examples made by a professional model.


As someone who has arthritis and back pain these are great. You get 2 of them in a nice little pouch with a drawstring. They are solid rubber, think tennis ball size. They weigh 140g (a little under 5oz). They have a cute little logo on them, so you won’t mix them up with your kids play balls.

If you aren’t familiar with how to use these right after you purchase them they email you a handy ebook with some simple beginner exercises for different parts of your body depending on what areas are bothering you it also includes pictures of a lady doing the actual exercise too. These area also great if you have ever been to a physical therapist because alot of them recommend exercises that incorporate Lacrosse exercises (I’m sure you could look up more online) So having my own set is really nice. The only con I had is the material of the ball, after using it everything kind of clinged to it (my dry skin, hair etc.) but the good thing about it vs a tennis ball is you can easily wash it with a rag or some antibacterial wipes and it is good to go again.

And lets not forget the Satisfaction Guarantee! I adore companies that believe in their product and want you to be happy, and I did really enjoy using these Lacrosse balls and would recommend them! If you would like to purchase your own set, click here! I received this item for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Cuticle Pusher by Got Glamour

Cuticle Pusher – Made in USA, Hand-Sharpened, Professional Grade, Salon-Quality – Push Back Your Cuticles Without Damaging Your Nail Bed from Got Glamour


About the Product
  • FREE YOUR NAILS: Push back those annoying cuticles with this hand-sharpened, easy-to-grip cuticle pusher
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: We honed the tip as thin as we could make it using a custom-built sharpening machine; the result is a pusher you can slide smoothly down your nail to get those cuticles back where they belong
  • HAND-MADE IN THE USA: Quality parts plus quality build means your pusher will last and last
  • BUILT FOR BEAUTY: Got Glamour cuticle pushers are used in salons nationwide, and there’s a good reason why. You simply can’t get this kind of comfortable, long-lasting precision in a typical store-bought pusher

Cuticle Pusher

I was beyond excited when this arrived in my mailbox. If you haven’t read my other posts. I am beyond obsessed with doing my nails. I’ve been doing them since I was a teen (now mid 30’s) I do them at least weekly. A few years back I got into Jamberry nail wraps, which are amazing. BUT cuticle and nail care is essential for the wraps to look great and stay on properly.

The cuticle pusher is nice and small, a bit smaller then a pencil. I love how light it was and the textured handle was great to hold so your hand doesn’t slip around. This looks nothing like your regular cuticle pusher. It has a super thin and slightly curved end. Both sides are labeled, and on the care sheet it tells you which side should face up. Super convenient if you are a newbie to nail care!

Cuticle Pusher 2

Getting the right pressure is important, and can take practice for this to work correct (as with any pusher) I found this easy to use and because it is so thin it glides across my nail smoothly. The slight curve really helps to push the cuticles back without making your nails hurt. The edge is also great for scraping away any imperfections as my nails aren’t always even, and I usually use my finger tips but this works so much better. It was easy to use, I really like how it gave my cuticles a nice clean even look once I was done and it took 1/2 of the time it would normally take me with other pushers.

I really like the quality of how this is made, I’m pretty sure it will last you forever. It is easy to sanitize and it is Made in the USA. If you would like to purchase your own Cuticle Pusher you can click here. I recieved this product for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.