ComfyCloud Swivel Seat 360

ComfyCloud Swivel Seat – 360 Seat Cushion Pivots to Allow You to Easily Get in & Out of Seated Positions – Swivel Chair Cushion Is Portable & Lightweight from ComfyCloud


The ComfyCloud was something that interested me because I have really bad Arthritis and back pain, which is a big issue seeing that I am only in my 30’s. So sitting in a spot for awhile and then trying to twisting sideways to get out of an office chair or the car is very painful anything that helps even a little is a huge deal and the Comfycloud seat is great.

The seat itself is made out of foam top of a plastic base that spins 360 degrees. This means you can use it in any direction. On the bottom of the base is a grip pad, this is wonderful because you can use it on all chair types and not worry about it moving around. The top is actually a gray cover that is really soft and plush. The cover has an elastic type band around it holding it around the foam edges. The cover itself can be removed and washed. I took the cover on and off with ease although I didn’t wash it yet.


The ComfyCloud is very lightweight. I measured it across at about 15 inches. And the foam is about an inch thick. I found it to be very comfortable to sit on and swivel with. Even after sitting for a long period of time the foam did not sag. I also had my husband try this and he was able to use it so it does work great for different body sizes. I love this seat and will be continuing to use mine. If you would like to learn more or purchase your own, you can find it here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Bobble Infuse Water Bottle

Bobble Infuse – Hydrate, Filter, and Infuse Right In Your Water Bottle – Ergonomic Shape with Dishwasher Safe TritanTM Material – Includes Carbon Filter – 20oz
by Bobble 


With Summer on its way its always nice to have a few water bottles on hand. This was my first time venturing into something more then just a basic water bottle. I love lemon water so I figured this would be great to add fresh lemons to.

I got the color Poppy which kind of reminds me of a pumpkin orange, there is a nice variety of colors to choose from. The top is the only part that is colored the bottle itself is clear. It was easy to pop the cover off, and the lid screws off easily. The mouthpiece is a nice push top, with a lid so it doesn’t leak.

Bobble Infuse

The filter compartment was easy to remove from the lid, on the bottom there is even a little turn dial to keep track of usage so you know when to change it out. According to the instructions the filter should last 300 16.9 oz water bottles which is kind of misleading since the water bottle is actual 20 oz. You can also remove the filter and add fruits/vegs for infusion. I do wish the top had a bigger opening though because you would have to cut up the pieces pretty small to get them inside.

I was a bit concerned at first that the bottle part itself was a bit thin and that it wouldn’t hold up well, but it has done great. And its even dishwasher safe! But make sure you remove the carbon filter first. If you would like to get your own infuse water bottle you can find it here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Wonderfit Premium Set


WonderFit Premium Set – 2 Lacrosse Massage Balls for Trigger Point + Easy-to-Carry Canvas Bag + FREE Ebook with 10 Amazing Exercises – Deep Tissue Myofascial Physiotherapy – 100% Safe & Effective by WonderFit


  • ✔︎ PREMIUM QUALITY MASSAGE BALLS – With 100% Premium Silicon composite you can rest assure that our product is all about quality that lasts. Our massage balls meets NOCSAE standards and NCAA/ NFHS specifications, regulation size and weight.
  • ✔︎ REDUCE PAIN AND INCREASE MOBILITY – Our massage balls relieves muscle tension and soreness, providing relief from pain. Great for myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage throughout the body. Our massage balls can also be used for WOD workouts, Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates, and more.
  • ✔︎ BONUS – EXERCISES E-BOOK WITH PHOTOS! – You will receive an e-book free of charge, showing you how to effectively use the lacrosse balls with 10 exercise examples made by a professional model.


As someone who has arthritis and back pain these are great. You get 2 of them in a nice little pouch with a drawstring. They are solid rubber, think tennis ball size. They weigh 140g (a little under 5oz). They have a cute little logo on them, so you won’t mix them up with your kids play balls.

If you aren’t familiar with how to use these right after you purchase them they email you a handy ebook with some simple beginner exercises for different parts of your body depending on what areas are bothering you it also includes pictures of a lady doing the actual exercise too. These area also great if you have ever been to a physical therapist because alot of them recommend exercises that incorporate Lacrosse exercises (I’m sure you could look up more online) So having my own set is really nice. The only con I had is the material of the ball, after using it everything kind of clinged to it (my dry skin, hair etc.) but the good thing about it vs a tennis ball is you can easily wash it with a rag or some antibacterial wipes and it is good to go again.

And lets not forget the Satisfaction Guarantee! I adore companies that believe in their product and want you to be happy, and I did really enjoy using these Lacrosse balls and would recommend them! If you would like to purchase your own set, click here! I received this item for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Pulse Oximeter by Acc U Rate

CMS 500DL Generation 2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with silicon cover, batteries and lanyard by Acc U Rate 


  • NEWLY UPGRADED – Newly launched in Jan 2015 with major improvements made to the previous pulse oximeter model. *CE and FDA Approved*
  • ACCURATE AND RELIABLE – Accurately determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate in 10 seconds and display it conveniently on a large digital LED display.
  • SPORT/HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS – Suitable for sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers or anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES – Accommodates wide range of finger sizes – children to adult.
  • LOADED WITH ACCESSORIES – Include 2X AAA BATTERIES that will allow you to use the pulse oximeter right out of the box, a SILICON COVER to protect your pulse oximeter from dirt and damage and a LANYARD for convenience. Comes with a 12 months WARRANTY. Due to the influx of fake Acc U Rate® products, please note that the warranty is void if the item is not purchased from Med Shop and Beyond


My Review: As someone who has multiple health issues. Keeping track of my vitals is essential. This Oximeter makes it easy to keep to take my pulse and blood oxygen levels! As far as usage goes, its as easy as pressing the on button and inserting a finger, and waiting about 15-20 seconds. The numbers show up in red, bright and large making it easy to read. It has an auto shut off which is convenient too!

The meter itself came in a box all cushioned for protection. I love how small and light weight it is. It is black and comes with a nice clear/off white silicone case to protect it and keep it clean. It also comes with a lanyard that has a buckle at the bottom so you can easily detach it without taking the lanyard off your neck. It uses 2 AAA batteries (which are included) and I like that it uses regular batteries. It also comes with a small booklet with some helpful info.

One thing I wish it would of came with was a chart that talked about healthy pulse and blood oxygen levels. This would make a great gift for elderly family/friends and not everyone has internet to look up that info. I realize that “healthy” numbers do vary based on age,weight, medical condition etc.

As for what I found in a few articles I found. I tend to have pretty healthy #’s as over 95% for blood oxygen level is good. And pulse for adults range from 60-100. If you would like to purchase your own pulse oximeter you can click here. I received this product for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.