10 Piece Makeup Brush Set from Beauty Lally

Beauty Lally 10 Pieces Makeup Brush Set with Black Case and Mirror from Beauty Lally


This is a wonderful set for beginners or advanced make up lovers. It has every brush you could want or need!

If you are new to make up brushes you will love this set! It has 10 different brushes, each one has a name on the handle with the type of brush it is. No guessing games on what the brushes are for! It has a “cheat sheet” that explains what each brush is used for (watch my youtube video to learn about the brushes!) It has brushes for foundation, blush, eyebrows, eyeshadows, lips and more!

They are made out of synthetic hair, very durable and super soft! I do recommend wiping your brushes with a tissues after every use to keep them soft, and rinsing with water atleast weekly that is how I keep mine in good shape.

beauty lally.jpg

The set comes in a nice PU Leather case to keep your brushes covered and free from dust. I love this case! It is great for traveling, it has extra space so you can even add a few liners/mascara. It has 2 snaps on the sides to hold it closed so you don’t have to worry about it opening up in your luggage!

I also really like that it comes with a bonus acrylic (not plastic made) compact mirror. One side of the mirror is regular and the other side is a close up (magnified) mirror. This is another great company that offers a 30 day money back and a 3 year guarantee! You can find out more or purchase your own set here. I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. 


Hair Brush Straightener by Jouvelle

#1 Hair Brush Straightener | Straight – Gorgeous Looking Hair in Minutes with This Professional Hair Straightening Brush | All Hair Types | As Seen On TV | Best Hair Straightener Brush from Jouvellė™ | USA


This info is based on my hair type which is long, wavy, thin and frizzy. Obviously this product will have different results for different hair types.

Ever since I’ve heard about the straightening brush craze I’ve been wanting to try one. I don’t straighten my hair alot since I have wavy hair, but I do like the nice smooth, sleek and non-frizzy look on occasion and I don’t seem to get along with regular straighteners very well as I tend to burn myself.

This brush straightener arrived nicely, it comes with 2 teal clips that are great if you have thick or curly hair and need to work in sections and then the brush itself. The cord rotates so you can use it in any direction and has a nice velcro loop so you can keep it wrapped up when not in use. The brush itself (the black back side) does look a bit cheap though, and was already full of scratches and smudges when it arrived.

The brush part has 3 buttons on the side, an on/off (hold for a few seconds to turn on and off) and a +/- for heat control. The heat settings are in Celsius but can be changed to Fahrenheit, and you can increase or decrease it in 11 different modes. But they are in 5C so when you change it in -F the numbers are all odd.

That part I honestly dislike and also feel its misleading to advertise as an American brand when its clearly not (refer to the main title) also this product is made in china. I tried to get more info about this product, they gave a website address in a coupon, and also on the box and the website doesn’t exist. Even with a search I wasn’t able to find anything.

hair straightener.jpg

The brush itself works nicely, it straightened my hair. I did have a few problems with tangles and when I tried to remove hair from it I realize it was really hot! So make sure you wait til its cooled before removing hair from it. I did just use it like a brush, although I made sure to brush my hair first, it does recommend that you do small sections at a time though. I did not like how hot it got on the back of the brush. It got REALLY hot! I had it on the starting setting even. I had to put it in the sink to cool off when I was done because I was worried to leave it on the counter with how hot it was.

Overall this is an ok product. It does work but it could use some improvements to make it better for its price point. You can find out more about this product or purchase your own here. I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

Metallic Tattoos from Classy Bohemian

Premium Temporary Metallic Body & Hair Tattoos – 10 Sheets / 100+ Beautiful Tattoo Designs from Classy Bohemian™


Do you remember putting on fake tattoos as a kid? If so you will love these 10 times more because these are prettier and super shiny!

They have the same application as your basic fake tattoos. Cut out, peel off clear wrapper, put on clean dry skin and apply a wet rag or paper towel. Super basic and easy to apply. I had no problems applying them, they went on in about 30 sec. If you forget the directions they have them printed on the back of each sheet, along with hair application and removal.


You get 10 sheets in the pack, featuring over 100 tattoo’s that you can use as necklaces, bracelets, arm cuffs, rings, hair strips, and a few smaller items/words. Majority of them are Metallic Gold or Silver, some of them are both or have some black mixed in. I absolutely love how sparkly and shiny they are on your skin! They seem a bit dull on the paper but once you put them on they are bright!

You can even put these in your hair! I did not try that because I don’t have nice straight hair, but I think that is a nice plus. I did enjoy them on different areas of my body (wrist, shoulder, foot) but they didn’t stay on for more then a day or two. They are super easy to wipe off, with a bit of pressure I was able to just remove it by rubbing it away. This could be a good or bad thing. I personally like that I could wear these as a weekend look and remove with ease. But if you are looking for something to last 3+ days you might be disappointed. 

If you would like to know more about this product or purchase your own you can find it here. I receive this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Leather Wrap Anchor Bracelet

Leather Wrap Anchor Bracelet for Men and Women-Durable Wrist Bangle-Unisex Fashion Jewelry by Live Inc.



  • Trendy Charm bracelet with sturdy toggle clasps; Jewelry dimension: Length – 110cm.
  • PU Leather band with premium zinc alloy Anchor charm pendant
  • Adjustable sliding knot to fit ALL wrist sizes
  • A Super attractive unisex fashion accessory for friends, Colleagues, Siblings, and Couples
  • Comfortable fit design





So when I order this, I assumed it was going to be made of leather, mostly because leather is in the title and I clearly don’t know much about actual leather. Once I received it I got a shiny almost plastic feeling material after reading the description again I realized that it said PU Leather, again I had no idea what that was so after looking that up found out that it means it is an artificial man-made leather.

The band, which happens to just be a long piece of the PU Leather knotted on 1 side to a charm and looped on the other size to secure it to the charm after wrapping around your wrist to fit isn’t anything fancy, the ends of my knot were fraying. The anchor charm is cute though, it says hope on it and has a rustic aged look and seems to be pretty durable as I couldn’t bend it easily.

I measured the length from the end of the charm to the end of the loop at approx. 108 cm (42 1/2 in) just the band part being approx. 103 cm (40 1/2 in) No matter how I wrapped this or tried to wear this it just didn’t sit well on my wrist/arm it kept turning and falling because I couldn’t get it sized right and the loop was way to big to clasp onto the anchor part. Maybe I have an odd size wrist?  It also wasn’t comfortable, I found that the PU Leather doesn’t really bend and shape well.

I personally don’t feel this is a great bracelet for its price, to me it feels more like something I’d find in a dollar section of a store. If you’d like to learn more about this bracelet or have different taste then me and might enjoy this you can find it here. I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Double Love Knot Ring

Double Love Knot Ring Gold Filled Skinny- SPUNKYsoul Fine Jewelry Collection 


How cute is this ring? This is a Double Love Knot handmade (in the USA!) ring. Its lightweight, I hardly even felt like I was wearing a ring. This is a great intro piece of jewelry if you aren’t big into rings. Or is super cute as a Midi ring! It is Gold Filled which I really liked because I have sensitive skin so I didn’t have to worry about this ring turning my finger green or having an allergic reaction!

What is Gold Filled? Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plating as gold filled literally has 100% more gold than gold plating. Gold filled is much more valuable and tarnish resistant. It does not flake off, rub off or turn colors. As a matter of fact, anyone who can wear gold can wear gold filled without worries of any allergic reaction to the jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is long lasting and an economical alternative to solid gold!

The ring itself is actually 2 rings knotted together. The knot is a longstanding symbol of love, devotion, friendship and bonding. How cool is that? I really enjoyed wearing this ring, I love how simple it is, but yet it has so much meaning behind it.


And if that isn’t enough it comes in an adorable box, with a card that talks about Ring Symbolism and what it means to wear a ring on each finger. Which I actually didn’t know the meanings behind! And all of it comes in a purple gift pouch. Spunky Soul did a wonderful job not only making a fantastic ring, but making it into a great gift giving experience! I love companies like that! And they even offer a 100% happiness guarantee. But I’d be surprised if you would need to use it! If you’d like more info about this ring or to get your own click here! I recieved this ring for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Cuticle Pusher by Got Glamour

Cuticle Pusher – Made in USA, Hand-Sharpened, Professional Grade, Salon-Quality – Push Back Your Cuticles Without Damaging Your Nail Bed from Got Glamour


About the Product
  • FREE YOUR NAILS: Push back those annoying cuticles with this hand-sharpened, easy-to-grip cuticle pusher
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: We honed the tip as thin as we could make it using a custom-built sharpening machine; the result is a pusher you can slide smoothly down your nail to get those cuticles back where they belong
  • HAND-MADE IN THE USA: Quality parts plus quality build means your pusher will last and last
  • BUILT FOR BEAUTY: Got Glamour cuticle pushers are used in salons nationwide, and there’s a good reason why. You simply can’t get this kind of comfortable, long-lasting precision in a typical store-bought pusher

Cuticle Pusher

I was beyond excited when this arrived in my mailbox. If you haven’t read my other posts. I am beyond obsessed with doing my nails. I’ve been doing them since I was a teen (now mid 30’s) I do them at least weekly. A few years back I got into Jamberry nail wraps, which are amazing. BUT cuticle and nail care is essential for the wraps to look great and stay on properly.

The cuticle pusher is nice and small, a bit smaller then a pencil. I love how light it was and the textured handle was great to hold so your hand doesn’t slip around. This looks nothing like your regular cuticle pusher. It has a super thin and slightly curved end. Both sides are labeled, and on the care sheet it tells you which side should face up. Super convenient if you are a newbie to nail care!

Cuticle Pusher 2

Getting the right pressure is important, and can take practice for this to work correct (as with any pusher) I found this easy to use and because it is so thin it glides across my nail smoothly. The slight curve really helps to push the cuticles back without making your nails hurt. The edge is also great for scraping away any imperfections as my nails aren’t always even, and I usually use my finger tips but this works so much better. It was easy to use, I really like how it gave my cuticles a nice clean even look once I was done and it took 1/2 of the time it would normally take me with other pushers.

I really like the quality of how this is made, I’m pretty sure it will last you forever. It is easy to sanitize and it is Made in the USA. If you would like to purchase your own Cuticle Pusher you can click here. I recieved this product for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

100% Natural Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover 100% Natural – USDA Bio-certified Non-Toxic, Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover, Effective UV Gel Nail Polish Remover Won’t Dry Nails, Moisturizes Cuticles Strengthens Weak Nails 4oz from Pure Body Naturals

About the Product:
  • Effective and Natural Nail Polish Remover: Whether you want to sport bare nails or apply a new paint color, removing your old polish can be a hassle. From harsh smells to ineffective results, most polish removers fail to get the job done. Our all-natural nail polish remover keeps things safe and simple! It stays on your nails, won’t evaporate into the air, and can easily be washed off with water.The best part? It’s strong enough to remove stubborn UV gel!
  • Strengthen Cracked and Brittle Nails: If you’re on the hunt for a two-in-one brittle nail treatment, then look no further! Expertly crafted, our nail polish remover not only takes care of your old polish, but it also encourages strong, healthy-looking nails. All you have to do is dab a bit on product on each nail, allow it to sit for 2-5 minutes, and gently rub the polish until you have clean, clear, and beautiful nails! Because it’s hydrating, you won’t risk drying your cuticles.
  • Non-Toxic and Chemical Free Nail Polish Remover
  • Your Total Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Nail Polish Remover

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I go through alot of nail polish remover since I always have my fingers and toes done (mostly Jamberry wraps, sometimes polish) but I have really bad health issues that cause me to be super sensitive to smells so traditional nail polish remover is my enemy! So I’m always looking for alternatives.

My Review: The Remover comes in a 4oz glass bottle, it comes with a regular cap on it, and also comes with a dropper style cap. It came nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box. So first I did was of course smell it, it doesn’t have a strong smell like regular removers, it has a light smell odd smell, but its not horrible. It’s MUCH better then regular polish removers!

This is suppose to be 100% natural. Ingredients: Methyl Oleate/ Palmitate/ Linoleate/ Stearate, and other “proprietary” botanical mixtures. So I had no idea what any of these were so after doing some research I was still pretty confused and felt you needed to study science to understand what these items are. So I can’t say if this product is indeed 100% natural or safe which to me is kind of a disappointment. I got this product for the non-acetone smell factor, but if you are wanting it for the 100% natural part, I suggest doing a bit of research first.

As far as how it works, You are suppose to dab a small amount on each nail and let it sit for 2-5 mins to let it soften the polish and then wipe away. This part is important. It does work well if you have the patience to wait. I even used it to take my nail wraps off which has a sticky residue and it worked great for that too. But if you aren’t patient and want something that is quick, this isn’t it. I also felt like you needed quiet a bit of it and needed to scrub pretty hard with a cotton ball to get the polish off. I also felt like this was pretty oily and a bit messier then traditional removers. So make sure you have access to some soap and water afterwards!  If you would like to purchase your own bottle to try, you can find it here! I received this product for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. 



Coconut Milk Body Scrub

Coconut Milk Body Scrub 100% Natural 12 oz. Powerful Body Scrub Exfoliator Helps Prevent Appearance of Wrinkles with Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Almond Oil, Vitamin E. Daily Moisturizer For All Skin Types from Pure Body Naturals 

  • Best Body Scrub for Soft Skin: Loaded with Dead Sea Salt, our body scrubber helps buff away dead skin cells, leaving you with bright, smooth skin!
  • Anti-Aging Body Exfoliator: Anti-aging ingredients like Coconut Milk and fatty acid-rich Safflower Oil aid in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and those notorious age spots.
  • Protect Against UV Damage: Protective properties in Coconut Milk and Vitamin E allow them to form a defensive layer against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV radiation. This will help keep you looking youthful and healthy!
  • Crafted from Natural Ingredients: Luscious Coconut Milk? Check. Six essential oils? Check. Salt from the Dead Sea? Check. We’ve got it all covered! By bringing together some of skin’s favorite ingredients, we’ve created a high quality moisturizer that spreads easily, absorbs fast, and smells incredible.
  • Love It or Your Money Back: You can go ahead and try our rich scrub risk-free with our satisfaction guarantee. If the result weren’t quite what you were looking for, just let our customer service team know and we’ll be happy to refund your order. What do you have to lose? 

My Review: I suffer from horrible dry skin, and I really love trying products that are suppose to help with that. I also have sensitive skin so I am very careful about what I put on my skin. I absolutely LOVE that this Scrub is 100% natural. Alot of them claim to be, but you can actually see it be reading the label. They are ingredients you can pronounce!  Coconut Milk is the #1 ingredient. Also love that it is USA made and not tested on animals!

Now about the actual scrub, it is 12 oz. comes in a nice plastic tub, it smells fantastic! I pretty much love all things coconut though! It doesn’t have a strong smell at all, which is saying alot from me since I’m sensitive to smells. The scrub itself is the texture of sand its lightweight, not like a paste like some scrubs. You do not need much though. It went on soft and smooth and I loved how it felt creamy on my skin! It is kind of an oily scrub, but it didn’t leave an oily residue after my shower. I’ve used this a few times and it really feels like my skin is softer. This is great for prepping dry feet for flip flop season! You can purchase your own scrub here. I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. 


Makeup Cosmetic Drawer Organizer

Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Drawer Organizer and Jewelry Box Display Case Storage Container and Lipstick Holder for Teen Girls Black 2 Piece Set Vanity Tray
by Ali Finsterle

  • Stylish and new innovations: Unique for its color. New elegant, black, smoky color, new look acrylic makeup cosmetic and jewelry organizer. Glass like appearance
  • Small and practical: All your makeup, lipsticks, mascaras and jewelry in one place, always neat and tidy. Nice gift for your daughter, teen girls, who are just beginning to use makeup
  • Made of high quality acrylic: Durable, hard and robust acrylic material, anticorrosive
  • Easy to clean: Clean up easily with warm water or microfiber fabric
  • Product dimensions: 7.4 x 4 x 6.1 inches , 1 top, 2 drawers, 9 compartments. Drawers are easy to manipulate

Make Up Case

My Review: See my Video Review here! I was really excited to get this, even though it is marketed towards teens because of its size it is great for anyone who has a smaller make up collection. It comes in 2 parts. The bottom part with drawers is one part (the drawers do come out for cleaning. And the top organizer part lays on top but has a nice lip edge so it doesn’t slide off. It is made out of Acrylic Material and is a semi clear black color. The only thing I didn’t care for about the case was it seemed like dust stuck to it making it look kinda dirty.

As far as the actual organizer goes, I LOVE IT! It is small but has so many great features! Yes this is great for a teen who is just starting to wear make-up and has limited space, but this is also great for an adult who has a small make up collection. This was great for me as I have a small bathroom and even though I love make-up I’m faithful to only a few great products. There are 2 drawers and my eyeshadows fit perfectly! On the top there are 6 smaller slots, 2 medium ones and a larger area. Great for lipsticks, eyeliners, pencils or really anything you want! The slots are deep enough that the items don’t fall out. You can buy your own organizer here! I recieved this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.