In Memory of:

Lolo Forever.png

No matter how many years pass I will always miss you.

You may look at this and just see a dog, I see my heart. Unless you are an animal person or don’t have children you probably won’t understand all she meant to me and how I can still be hurting over her.

 I got Lolo during a really rough time in my life, I was very depressed, full of anxiety and lonely. I had the intention of adopting an older dog because I knew I didn’t have the patience to train a puppy. I was on a waiting list at a local humane society and they called me and told me they had a puppy that was 5 months old and not in very good shape. (She came from a puppy mill) She was scared and needed someone who would give her alot of time to warm up. I cringed.. It was still a puppy in my book. But the human society lady convinced me that I was perfect for this puppy and to just meet her.

So I did. AND it was love at first sight! Lolo went home with me and I was determined to get over my anxiety and fear of training a puppy. I bought a crate to help train her, but that lasted all of 2 mins. I put her in it and she freaked out and cried and I cried. And I cuddled her and told her she would never go back in a cage and she heard me because it was like she was instantly trained (seriously, she never had an accident or crewed up anything)


My goofball hiding under the couch!

Lolo was my little lovebug she showed me how to love the simple things in life. She was always happy and goofy. She loved car rides even if it was only to the mail box, or just sitting in the window and looking outside. Once she learned to trust people again she realized she loved everyone and thought she should go to every house on our walks to say hello.

Lolo was also independent though and loved exploring whatever was around her, as long as she wasn’t alone. She hated being alone. And I felt guilty when I did leave her even though she was always in good hands (she usually spent time with family who she loved) I think it was harder for me to leave her then the other way around. She got spoiled! And had a great boyfriend who loved to hide treats for her when he missed her.


She loved cuddling with anything soft. And her ears always had a way of doing whatever they wanted lol. 

Most people didn’t understand how hard it was for me to leave her. She’s just a dog they would tell me. I can’t have children and yes I know a dog isn’t the same as a child but animals are similar. They love, they can be stubborn, have various personalities, learn from the surroundings etc.

Sadly Lolo didn’t get to live a long healthy life. She only made it to 6 and became randomly ill. I will never know how or why but I am grateful I got to spend those 6 years with her and I gave everything I could to try to save her. But it didn’t work she was just to sick. It doesn’t get any easier as the years go by. But that’s what love is. 

Lolo I miss you so much. My heart still hurts that you didn’t get to live a long life. But I cherish all the memories we had, all the joy you brought me and the unconditional love you gave me. You will always be in my heart! 


Lolo and Scruffy (her boyfriend) he loved her more then anything and would save and hide his treats in blankets or the couch cushions hoping that would make her come back over sooner. He also has passed. Miss you too Scruffy! 


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