Happy Father’s Day

I owe so much more then just a day to my Father. He gave up his life to raise me. He worked hard to make sure I had a good life, he worked nights so he could attend all my school events as a child, often times missing sleep. He always put me first and him second.

It wasn’t always easy for him, he knew nothing about raising a girl, and I look back and realize I made it pretty hard on him alot of the time. But we survived! Even if we did eat to much frozen pizza or I overfilled the washing machine to many times. I at least have memories.

I want everyone to know how lucky and grateful I am. And that I love him more then words can express! I also ask for prayers for my Dad because he is hurting and suffering (emotionally and physically) right now over major family/life decisions. Its so hard to see someone you care about suffer. Its even harder when you know how hard they have worked and how much they don’t deserve the bad they are going through.


Love you Daddy!



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