ComfyCloud Swivel Seat 360

ComfyCloud Swivel Seat – 360 Seat Cushion Pivots to Allow You to Easily Get in & Out of Seated Positions – Swivel Chair Cushion Is Portable & Lightweight from ComfyCloud


The ComfyCloud was something that interested me because I have really bad Arthritis and back pain, which is a big issue seeing that I am only in my 30’s. So sitting in a spot for awhile and then trying to twisting sideways to get out of an office chair or the car is very painful anything that helps even a little is a huge deal and the Comfycloud seat is great.

The seat itself is made out of foam top of a plastic base that spins 360 degrees. This means you can use it in any direction. On the bottom of the base is a grip pad, this is wonderful because you can use it on all chair types and not worry about it moving around. The top is actually a gray cover that is really soft and plush. The cover has an elastic type band around it holding it around the foam edges. The cover itself can be removed and washed. I took the cover on and off with ease although I didn’t wash it yet.


The ComfyCloud is very lightweight. I measured it across at about 15 inches. And the foam is about an inch thick. I found it to be very comfortable to sit on and swivel with. Even after sitting for a long period of time the foam did not sag. I also had my husband try this and he was able to use it so it does work great for different body sizes. I love this seat and will be continuing to use mine. If you would like to learn more or purchase your own, you can find it here. I recieved this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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