Hair Brush Straightener by Jouvelle

#1 Hair Brush Straightener | Straight – Gorgeous Looking Hair in Minutes with This Professional Hair Straightening Brush | All Hair Types | As Seen On TV | Best Hair Straightener Brush from Jouvellė™ | USA


This info is based on my hair type which is long, wavy, thin and frizzy. Obviously this product will have different results for different hair types.

Ever since I’ve heard about the straightening brush craze I’ve been wanting to try one. I don’t straighten my hair alot since I have wavy hair, but I do like the nice smooth, sleek and non-frizzy look on occasion and I don’t seem to get along with regular straighteners very well as I tend to burn myself.

This brush straightener arrived nicely, it comes with 2 teal clips that are great if you have thick or curly hair and need to work in sections and then the brush itself. The cord rotates so you can use it in any direction and has a nice velcro loop so you can keep it wrapped up when not in use. The brush itself (the black back side) does look a bit cheap though, and was already full of scratches and smudges when it arrived.

The brush part has 3 buttons on the side, an on/off (hold for a few seconds to turn on and off) and a +/- for heat control. The heat settings are in Celsius but can be changed to Fahrenheit, and you can increase or decrease it in 11 different modes. But they are in 5C so when you change it in -F the numbers are all odd.

That part I honestly dislike and also feel its misleading to advertise as an American brand when its clearly not (refer to the main title) also this product is made in china. I tried to get more info about this product, they gave a website address in a coupon, and also on the box and the website doesn’t exist. Even with a search I wasn’t able to find anything.

hair straightener.jpg

The brush itself works nicely, it straightened my hair. I did have a few problems with tangles and when I tried to remove hair from it I realize it was really hot! So make sure you wait til its cooled before removing hair from it. I did just use it like a brush, although I made sure to brush my hair first, it does recommend that you do small sections at a time though. I did not like how hot it got on the back of the brush. It got REALLY hot! I had it on the starting setting even. I had to put it in the sink to cool off when I was done because I was worried to leave it on the counter with how hot it was.

Overall this is an ok product. It does work but it could use some improvements to make it better for its price point. You can find out more about this product or purchase your own here. I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. 


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