Color with Music by Newbourne Media

ADULT COLORING BOOK: Biblical Images & Themes Stress Relieving Designs Includes Bonus Relaxation CD: Color With Music Paperback by Newbourne Media


I am sure by now you have seen or heard of Adult Coloring Books, they are everywhere! I am a huge fan of them and have a whole bunch of them. I have always enjoyed coloring since I was a child. Its fun, relaxing and something the whole family can do. So when adult coloring books because a trend I was an instant follower!

This coloring book has a bonus, it took coloring 1 step up. First off I went with the biblical images coloring book, although there is a great selection of books to choose from. I really enjoy coloring because I find it calming and peaceful and that is where the bonus part of this coloring book comes in. It comes with a cd! The cd features 10 tracks totaling approx 56 mins of soft calming, instrumental, piano, nature type music that you can listen to while you are coloring to help relieve stress and stay calm. The music is lovely and is very soothing.

coloring book.jpg

The book is square 8×8, opening on the top and bottom. There is 48 beautiful pages from crosses, words, stain glass images etc. and also has a variety of easy and hard to color pages. All images are single sided and tear off top easily. I said TOP! This is a great coloring book for left handed people like myself! It also has a cardboard flap that you can put under your page as you color to prevent color bleed through if you happen to be using markers or pens. The paper is not flimsy or cheap its a beautiful bright white and printed well. I plan on coloring some and framing them to hang around the house.

If you would like to learn more or purchase your own, you can find it here. I did receive this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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