Leather Wrap Anchor Bracelet

Leather Wrap Anchor Bracelet for Men and Women-Durable Wrist Bangle-Unisex Fashion Jewelry by Live Inc.



  • Trendy Charm bracelet with sturdy toggle clasps; Jewelry dimension: Length – 110cm.
  • PU Leather band with premium zinc alloy Anchor charm pendant
  • Adjustable sliding knot to fit ALL wrist sizes
  • A Super attractive unisex fashion accessory for friends, Colleagues, Siblings, and Couples
  • Comfortable fit design





So when I order this, I assumed it was going to be made of leather, mostly because leather is in the title and I clearly don’t know much about actual leather. Once I received it I got a shiny almost plastic feeling material after reading the description again I realized that it said PU Leather, again I had no idea what that was so after looking that up found out that it means it is an artificial man-made leather.

The band, which happens to just be a long piece of the PU Leather knotted on 1 side to a charm and looped on the other size to secure it to the charm after wrapping around your wrist to fit isn’t anything fancy, the ends of my knot were fraying. The anchor charm is cute though, it says hope on it and has a rustic aged look and seems to be pretty durable as I couldn’t bend it easily.

I measured the length from the end of the charm to the end of the loop at approx. 108 cm (42 1/2 in) just the band part being approx. 103 cm (40 1/2 in) No matter how I wrapped this or tried to wear this it just didn’t sit well on my wrist/arm it kept turning and falling because I couldn’t get it sized right and the loop was way to big to clasp onto the anchor part. Maybe I have an odd size wrist?  It also wasn’t comfortable, I found that the PU Leather doesn’t really bend and shape well.

I personally don’t feel this is a great bracelet for its price, to me it feels more like something I’d find in a dollar section of a store. If you’d like to learn more about this bracelet or have different taste then me and might enjoy this you can find it here. I received this item for free for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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