UCEC Golden Eagle Scissors

UCEC Golden Eagle Scissors – Great for Stitch,DIY Supplies – Pack of 12 by UCEC


I had a friend introduce me to this style of sewing scissors last year and they have been my favorite style since! And not because I sew, because the only time you will see me sewing is with a needle and thread fixing a tiny hole in a pair of pants. Anyways.. I love my scissors my friend gave me because they are super sharp, great at cutting in small spaces and I love how you hold these! I am actually left handed but in school I always had to use my right hand to cut because there was never left handed scissors. I’m actually ambidextrous now. So I was excited to see how these compared to the pair my friend gave me that I love and treat like gold 🙂


So at first when I got these I was kind of disappointed. They arrived nicely in plastic, each scissor had its own little slot. So I go to take out a pair and they are greasy or oily or something! I was grossed out and didn’t understand WHY they would put oil on something made to cut fabric/paper wouldn’t that get all over the items and make a mess?. My husband explained to me that the oil was to keep the blades from rusting. Which made complete sense!! And clearly I wasn’t going to be using all 12 scissors at once. Although I do plan on keeping a few around the house since they are handy! I do recommend that before you use a pair of these that you do wipe the blades with a tissue or rag.

The scissors are about 4 inches long. The blades are great, nice and sharp and made of metal. The handle part isn’t as great of quality as some others, these happen to be made of plastic. I have had one pair already break at the plastic part in half. But I’ve been using it all week and pretty much for everything so I was rough on it. But for the price and how many you get I still think this is a great deal.

I love these for trimming my nail wraps because they cut really smoothly. I mainly used the scissors to cut paper, thick paper, tape, bubble wrap. I love these for crafting since they are small it makes it easier to get close to were you want to cut. I’m sure these would work great for cutting fabric, and lots of other items! If you would like to purchase your own set, you can find them here. I did receive these at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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