My Blogger Confession

Do you ever wonder why you are doing what you do? I never thought I’d end up writing product reviews, blogging, working online. Actually to be honest I dislike the internet even though I spend way to much time on it most days. I spend hours arguing with it and in the long run it usually ends up winning.

As a child I grew up on a farm and hated the country life, I envied my friends who got to live in the city, I felt secluded and sheltered. As I got older I did enjoy the peace and quiet of the country life but I always knew I belonged in the city. I knew that I was a big city girl at heart. So I moved to the city, yet always ended up back in the country.

Fast forward to many years later of trying to MAKE my life into a life of exactly what I wanted. Because really isn’t that what we all want? The perfect dream? Obviously it all is different, some of us want families, some of us want to travel, etc. We just want to be happy. The difference is you can’t force it. I tried for so many years to make my life into sometime it wasn’t. I wanted a family, ended up chronically ill and can’t have children anymore.

I never in a million years pictured my life the way it is now, but that is ok because this is who I was meant to be! But want to know a secret? I hate writing. And I hate the internet. But I think this is my path, and I think I will learn as I go and I will get better at it. Who are you meant to be? Don’t be scared of that person!



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