Cuticle Pusher by Got Glamour

Cuticle Pusher – Made in USA, Hand-Sharpened, Professional Grade, Salon-Quality – Push Back Your Cuticles Without Damaging Your Nail Bed from Got Glamour


About the Product
  • FREE YOUR NAILS: Push back those annoying cuticles with this hand-sharpened, easy-to-grip cuticle pusher
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: We honed the tip as thin as we could make it using a custom-built sharpening machine; the result is a pusher you can slide smoothly down your nail to get those cuticles back where they belong
  • HAND-MADE IN THE USA: Quality parts plus quality build means your pusher will last and last
  • BUILT FOR BEAUTY: Got Glamour cuticle pushers are used in salons nationwide, and there’s a good reason why. You simply can’t get this kind of comfortable, long-lasting precision in a typical store-bought pusher

Cuticle Pusher

I was beyond excited when this arrived in my mailbox. If you haven’t read my other posts. I am beyond obsessed with doing my nails. I’ve been doing them since I was a teen (now mid 30’s) I do them at least weekly. A few years back I got into Jamberry nail wraps, which are amazing. BUT cuticle and nail care is essential for the wraps to look great and stay on properly.

The cuticle pusher is nice and small, a bit smaller then a pencil. I love how light it was and the textured handle was great to hold so your hand doesn’t slip around. This looks nothing like your regular cuticle pusher. It has a super thin and slightly curved end. Both sides are labeled, and on the care sheet it tells you which side should face up. Super convenient if you are a newbie to nail care!

Cuticle Pusher 2

Getting the right pressure is important, and can take practice for this to work correct (as with any pusher) I found this easy to use and because it is so thin it glides across my nail smoothly. The slight curve really helps to push the cuticles back without making your nails hurt. The edge is also great for scraping away any imperfections as my nails aren’t always even, and I usually use my finger tips but this works so much better. It was easy to use, I really like how it gave my cuticles a nice clean even look once I was done and it took 1/2 of the time it would normally take me with other pushers.

I really like the quality of how this is made, I’m pretty sure it will last you forever. It is easy to sanitize and it is Made in the USA. If you would like to purchase your own Cuticle Pusher you can click here. I recieved this product for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. 


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