Roku Streaming Stick

Roku 3500R Streaming Stick (HDMI) by Roku 

  • Compact stick design. Plugs discreetly right into the HDMI port. Great for wall-mounted TVs.
  • 2,000+ entertainment channels and counting. By far the most movies, sports, news, music and kids’ shows of any streaming player.
  • Control with remote or mobile. You can choose to control your entertainment via your iOS or Android device. Or use the included remote that everybody can share. It’s your choice.
  • Send to TV from mobile. Use mobile apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, to cast videos from your phone straight to your TV.
  • Stunning HD video quality. Immerse yourself in the action with rich, vibrant video streaming up to 1080p* HD. Please feel free to refer customers to Roku CS by any method indicated here: Troubleshooting steps:


My Review: The Roku Streaming Stick is a small (fits in the hand) size streaming stick. It includes everything pictured above. It was rather easy to install, took about 20 minutes, just plug in and it walks you through how to install and update it. The batteries that came with it didn’t last but 30 minutes but that isn’t a huge deal. The remote is fairly small, simple to use, doesn’t need to be pointed at the tv to use as its used with a wifi signal. You also can use the app on your phone as a remote which can save on draining batteries.

As far as the Roku itself, we love it in our house. We have a fairly simple internet plan (and it works great, no buffering or losing connections) There are thousands of channels you can download. Yes some are paid and some are free, it does give you the option of putting a password on your account so little fingers don’t accidentally subscribe to anything. Otherwise there are tons of free channels. We have about 22 free channels on ours from movies, tv and music. You can also get popular paid channels like Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu Plus. We have some of those but we also love all the free movies offered. Lots of kids movies, older movies, weather info, news, sports etc. This is a huge upgrade from having just an antenna and getting 10 basic channels (and who can actually afford cable anymore?) This is a cheap alternative!

You can get your own Roku Streaming stick here. This review is my own, I did not receive anything for writing this.


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