Handheld Portable Fabric Steamer

Gideon Handheld Portable Fabric Steamer Powerful Steamer with Fast Heat-Up by Gideon

  • EASY TO USE & HEATS UP FAST – Extremely easy to use and hassle free solution to getting your clothing, bedding, drapery, etc. to have that crisp and polished look. Heats up in less than 60 seconds, and guaranteed to be 100% Spit-free & Drip-free. Get your fabrics wrinkle free with that crisp polished look. Removes tough wrinkles while being gentle on the fabric. May be used on a large variety of fabrics; like wool, cotton, silk, satin, poly and more.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Dimensions: 8 Inches x 3 inches x 4 inches / 6-foot power cord for safe and convenient movement; easily reach front and back of garment / Easy-to-fill water tank; and convenient easy-to-view water level window / Heats-up and steam-ready in less than 60 seconds / 100% Spit-free & Drip-free / 5 Oz. Water capacity delivering eight minutes of ultra-powerful continuous steam.


My Review: You can also see my video review by clicking here! I really enjoyed how small and lightweight this is, now I don’t exactly have alot of experience with irons, but I do know they are rather heavy and have way to many settings but this is so easy to use! I’m pretty sure even a teenager could use it. The only setting it has is an on/off switch.

It came with a nice 4 page manual and tips booklet in english. I do recommend you read it first otherwise you won’t know that you are suppose to use distilled water since its listed as a tip on the second page. The top twists off easily with a clear open/close line to fill the water, also another clear max fill water line. It heats up in less then a minute, making it ready to go in a hurry. And I really like the long cord too.

You will know when its ready when it steams, or see the bubbling, start steaming from bottom to top. Using a side to side motion. It works great, nothing more to say! I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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