Best Meal Prep Containers

Best Meal Prep Containers Set- Bento Lunch Boxes/Restaurant Food Storage- Portion Control- 7pk 36 oz. by Home Native 

  • REDUCE MEAL PREP TIME AND SAVE MONEY – These plastic food containers with lids are ideal for daily meal prep. Each 36oz container has 3 separate compartments (18oz, 9oz, 9oz) to help you keep a variety of foods apart. Whatever your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, add muscle or simply save money, these trays offer the perfect solution!
  • Can withstand temperatures of 250°C. These premium BPA free plastic food containers are microwave safe, allowing for convenient reheating of meals in seconds. Also freezer safe, allowing you to prepare a weeks worth of meals ahead of time and store for freshness.
  • FULL HOMENATIVE WARRANTY -For any issues, contact us directly for a free replacement or refund. Enjoy this Product Absolutely RISK FREE. Purchase This Set Today by Clicking the Yellow “ADD TO CART BUTTON” Above. They are easy to use and easy clean being top shelf dishwasher safe. But we recommend a gentle hand wash to maximise the longevity of these food containers.


My Review: These came packed in a clear wrapper all nicely stacked together, which means they take up less space which is super nice! I love how light weight these are. The lid is clear, making it easy to see what is inside. It is easy to attach, each side snaps onto the base 3 times which gives it a nice seal. It was a bit harder to take the lid off though, but that just means that it locks on tightly. I like how the compartments are fairly deep, keeps each area separate from each other. These would be great for picnic lunches, road trips or left overs from holiday dinners. These hold up well in the microwave. You can also freeze them and they are dishwasher safe. For me the only thing I didn’t like was that it came 7 to a pack, I just find that to be an odd number to include, obviously that isn’t a huge deal, I just think it would make more sense to have an even number of things. I still gave this a 5 star review as I did enjoy using this product. You can purchase your own set here. I recieved this for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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