Rainbow Baking Cups

Today I got to do some baking with some new silicone baking cups by mrice. First impression: I was confused because when I ordered these on Amazon the picture had each color twice so I just assumed there was 12 (I didn’t bother reading the description.) Once I recieved them and only saw 6 I went back and read the description

  • BRIGHT COLORS:This Set includes 4 bright colors: Pink, Red, Blue and Green – There are 6 cups,three in each of the four colors.   

These are fairly thin, although I have never used reusable baking cups like these so I don’t know if they are suppose to be thin or not. They also didn’t include any instructions and since I have no knowledge of baking with these I wasn’t sure how to properly use them so I put them on a cookie sheet as pictured. I made some orange muffins my regular way with parchment liners and with these so I could see how they compare.


Final Verdict: While they didn’t stick to the liners, and popped out nicely, they did slightly burn on the bottom. I think if they came 12 to a set they would be much nicer as I don’t know to many people that only make 6 muffins at a time. I would give them 4 stars. You can find this product here I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. 



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